Saturday, March 31, 2007

Axis and Allies: Battle of the Bulge

Al and I finally gave Axis and Allies: Battle of the Bulge a try today. We rolled for sides, and Al took the Free Peoples... I mean Allied forces. We reviewed the rules, set things up, and then I launched my evil Nazi attack.

For the first four turns (out of eight total in the game), weather prevents the Allies from using their vastly superior airpower. In addition, during turn one, the Allies cannot attack since they've been caught by suprise. I tried to make the most of this opportunity, but Al did a great job at conducting a fighting withdrawal.

Unfortunately, as the weather lifted and General Patton arrived to save the day on turn 6, I was up by 23 VPs, one point away from auto-victory. Al threw everything into one final counterattack, but it just wasn't enough, and a terrible scene of bad guys goose-stepping through my ancestral homeland of Belgium was played out. Good game, Al!

I have to say I was quite impressed with the way the new combat system and supply mechanics worked in the game. Although the game was a dice chucking extravaganza, I never felt things were very far from historically plausable situations. At various points be both thought the other guy was running away with it, so I think play balance is pretty close as well. This game was definitely money well spent.


War of the Ring: I was this close....

Steve and I played a game of War of the Ring (with Expansion of course!) today. He had never played nor read the rules, so I set him up with the Shadow. Wouldn't you know, he beat me!

I decided to try out my Strider push strategy by immediately separating Strider, Boromir, and Pippin on turn one, shooting them down to Fangorn, dumping Pippen next to Treebeard, then blasting down to Minas Tirith on Turn 2. Unfortunately Will of the West dice did not appear and for some reason I overlooked just burning an elven ring to get one. I held the Deadmen of Dunharrow card, so I shot Strider back up to Edoras. Steve had an army mucking about near Dol Amroth, and I was going to put the hurt on him with the skeletons. Unfortunately, I was one impulse too slow, and he moved out of skeleton range after sacking Dol Amroth before I could spring my trap. So, I just teleported down there with the skeletons, crowned Strider, and recaptured Dol Amroth. This whole process was fun, but I think it burned way too many dice doing all this.

Anyway, to make a long story very short I made it all the way to two Mordor spaces away from the rink dunk (still having only 2 corruption and a Fellowship consisting of Gandalf, Gimli, Legolas, and Merry: very strong but perhaps moving a turn or two too carefully), when Steve achieved 10 military VP. Great job, Steve!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Rainy Day Rome

We had a solid three-hour gaming session this afternoon. Rainy days always seem perfect for board gaming.

First, Jon and I played Lord of the Rings: Confrontation (expanded edition) while we waited for Al to show up. In hindsight this was probably unfair to Jon, as I was much more familiar with the various powers and interactions of the new characters added to the game. Still, it was a quick and interesting game with the Free People's doing a monster ring dunk at the end. I think we both made great use of the recon abilities of Smeagol and Wormtongue, but I was able to come out on top of a few crucial exchanges. This is one of my favorite filler games.

Next after Al arrived we decided to try out the new Histories of Catan: Struggle for Rome game. The game took us about two hours to play, and I felt the competition was quite close the whole game. Although there are many Catan-like elements within the game, the game itself felt like something completely new. We each controlled tribes running through Western Europe plundering cities and eventually carving out kingdoms. I was able to squeak out a narrow victory at the end, only one point ahead of Jon, with Al close behind. I'd give this game a solid 8 on the BGG scale. Luck was perhaps a bit too significant a factor, but there was a fair number of opportunities throughout the game to screw the leader, so I feel this balanced things out nicely. I'm looking forward to playing this again, next time hopefully with the full complement of four players.

Axis and Allies: Guadalcanal

As an officianado of Axis and Allies and the history of the World War 2 Pacific theater, I'm really excited that this is now on the official release schedule. Now to convince someone to try A&A: Bulge with me... or even A&A: Pacific for that matter... Takers?

Thursday, March 29, 2007

My Thoughts on Conquest of the Empire

I know that I am somewhat late and I don’t want any wise cracks, but I just now got around to getting Conquest of the Empire. I have yet to play, but would like to.

I played CoE back in the 80s while in college. I was too poor to have my own set, but I managed to get in several games with friends. I was all too happy to see Eagle Games put out the new version and overall, I am quite pleased with it. But there is something that bothers me and it was on my mind all day at work. When I got home I searched around on the net to see if anyone else had mentioned it, but I could not find any such evidence. How about my local gaming compadres?

This is what concerns me: As far as I can tell, there is no reason that I would want to buy cavalry or catapults over infantry. They cost more and are less effective. Maybe if they had some kind of special use, but if they do I cannot seem to find it. Did I miss something here? This REALLY bugged me today. I was so happy with the new changes in CoE2. The senate thing was cool. I like the alliance thing and the influence markers are great. So what happened with the battles? Could I have had too much Peach Fresca when I was reading the rules? Could I have accidentally been sent the unfinished proto-type rules in some kind of a quality control error?

Please tell me your thought on this. There MUST be a reason to spend the Roman Citizens hard earned taxes on cavalry and catapults. If my worst suspicions turn out to be true, then I hope you will allow me to share with you some proposed house rules that may remedy the situation. I would like to know your feedback.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Quest for the Board Gaming Trifecta

There is a fairly notorious episode (titled "The Blood") of the sitcom Seinfeld where character George Costanza tries to create a situation where he experiences his three greatest pleasures in life (in this case food, television, and sex) simultaneously, aka The Trifecta. The premise is that achieving a trifecta would provide the ultimate level of satifaction. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite work out for George when his girlfriend gets offended by him bringing a pastrami sandwich and television into their bed.

Now taking this principal down more than a few notches to strictly speaking of hobby interests, I've always wondered if there is really such miraculous triumvirate out there. For me key hobby interests are board gaming (of course), computer gaming, reading, fitness, and woodworking. Here's some examples where I've been able to get two of these interests together at the same time:
  • Perikles, C&C: Ancients, War of the Ring: Board gaming and reading

  • World of Warcraft: Board gaming and computer gaming

  • Building Dice Towers: Board gaming and woodworking

  • Listening to Board Gaming Podcasts while working out: Board gaming and fitness

The list goes on. Still, I've never figured out a way to get the elusive combo of three of these interests all together at the same time, and I'm have a hard time imagining how I would do so. Anyway, I keep looking.

Each of you of course has a different set of hobby interests. Any of you ever achieve a trifecta?


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Pre-April Fools Gaming Blowout, Saturday, 31 Mar 2007

Start your weekend with a bang by joining me for board gaming Saturday morning. I can start as early as 0730 (with liberal applications of coffee, of course). I'm willing to host, but will happily yield the responsibility if someone would like to play on their home turf. If you're interested, please post a comment and indicate when you'd like to start.


Daytime Gaming, Friday, 30 Mar 2007

I'm open for gaming starting at approximately 1130 AM and lasting until 6:00 PM on Friday. Who is up for it? If there's only one other player, I might suggest War of the Ring, Arkham Horror, Combat Commander, World of Warcraft, A&A: Bulge... the list goes on. With three players, we could try out Catan: Histories of Rome, Fire and Axe, Arkham Horror, Perikles... Just post a comment if you're interested or would like to suggest a particular game.


Tide of Iron - Argh!

From Board Game News: Fantasy Flight Games has moved the release date of Tide of Iron to May 2007. From the FFG website: “In response to concerns about warping boards after our Early Bird demos, Fantasy Flight is re-printing all of our Tide of Iron map boards. This has caused an additional delay.”
Well, I suppose if the delay will avoid the RR Tycoon disaster shown above, its a good thing.


Monday, March 26, 2007

Le Lundi Est Mort, Vive Le Lundi!

Well actually, Lundi n'est pas mort. Today we had a good showing: me, Michael, Jon, Jeff, the newest member Sean (hey, it was a pleasure even though you pummelled me in Bang), Rick, and even my brother came by and joined us for Bang.
Jon and I got there first around 430pm and started to setup our 12th or so game of Combat Commander, when we decided not to play it because Michael called that he was coming. Sean soon after showed up. So Jon, Sean and I played Yspahan. Jon ran away with it, while my super 23 point (!) move on the last scoring phase tied me with Sean for second. Cool game.
We then played Bang! when my brother, Jeff, and Rick showed up. Once again I was the Renegade left alone to deal with a deputy (Sean) and the Scheriff (Sean....who kept stealing/discarding all my cards for the whole was still a pleasure meeting you though.... or was it?). Needless to say, I was but a mere smear on the wall after Sean fired his Volcanic multiple times in a row.
We then played Smarty Party, and HEY...I didn't lose! I actually enjoyed it. I think having pulled too many sports categories during my first game a few months ago, 'tarnished' my opinion of it.
After that we split up into two groups: Jeff, Jon and Sean played Ra (outcome?), and Rick, Michael and I played Caylus (!). Michael ran away with it using everything he had saved for 3 (?) rounds on the super 25-victory point building. Then it was left to Rick and I to fight for second. A surprise statue (Prestige building) purchase on my part helped me get second. Good game that doesn't get played enough IMO. Ok, not monthly, but I could play it a few times a year.
And last but not least, we played two games of Looping Louie. I won both! Perfect game to close a great Monday night session. And once again, welcome Sean.


Sunday, March 25, 2007

Last Minute Horror

The stars aligned for me Saturday, and I suddenly found myself with several hours of free time. After a few phone calls, turned out Ben had some free time, too, and Steve thought he might be able to stop by later.

I went to Ben's place, and the two of us played Arkham Horror. It's a complex game, probably the most complex non-wargame I've played, and somewhat fiddly. But all that complex buys you a lot of theme and experience. I like it.

The game says you can play with up to 7 folks, but I'm skeptical. With the 2 of us, things moved along, but we frequently checked the rules, the quick reference sheets, and the flow-chart. I wouldn't try more than 3 people unless everyone knew the rules cold. If the whole group were familiar w/ the game, then a big group might be fun, but otherwise there would be too much chaos and confusion.

Ben and I were fighting the good fight, but the forces of evil were arriving everywhere. I had gotten a powerful magic lamp and sealed a gate while Ben had collected enough clues to seal another gate. Unfortunately, that gate soon burst open on us once again. Despite my magical weapon, I had low health points and was blockaded in a building by the monsters in the streets.

The outcome was far from clear when Steve arrived, and we swapped to a different game. We settled on Epic Duels, a first for me. It's a neat game. I was Mace Windu, Ben took Obi-Wan, and Steve was one of the Fett's. It was back and forth as we focused each other's side-kicks. I hoarded cards to use Mace's special powers while Obi-Wan wore me down 1 or 2 pts at a time. Just as I was getting ready for some hard-hitting turns, Ben played the anti-Mace card that says everyone throws out their hand and draws to 3. Argh!! All those turns for nothing!

I spent the rest of the game trying to stay alive. I started working harder to wear down Obi-Wan and Fett w/o rather than trying to build up a big hand. At one point Steve was probably going to kill me, but I pointed out Ben had more health than either of us, and he was better of w/ me alive since I was another target for Ben to shoot at. A few turns later, Steve killed off Ben, and then I managed to take down Steve. I had 1 health pt left. It doesn't get any closer than that!

I love it when a game, like this one, has sides that feel different from each other. It makes balance hard, but it's really cool. The three of us were all quite different from each other, but we were close the whole game. Another great feature is the terrain. There are four maps. We played one that is completely open , but the others have various obstacles which could be very interesting for tactics.

Good times, guys.


Saturday, March 24, 2007

Demotivational Monday!

Jeff and Amy have the Plaque, and I think they gave something to Jacqui, so I can't be 100% sure that I'll be there on Monday. But, nothing ventured nothing gained! I'm hoping to be there, and the bag will be there in all its mysterious glory. What will be played? Only the bag knows for sure. (At least, I rarely remember).

And we may have a new member! Mysterious doings a-transpiring, on Mondays.


Friday, March 23, 2007

War of the Ring Collector's Edition


I'm starting to save my pennies now! Hopefully we'll see this before 2009.


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Those Darn French

Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to participate this Saturday in a board gaming session. I'll be busy installing two french doors on my house. Sacre' blue! If someone else is going to host Saturday gaming, please post here just in case my plans change for the better.

In other news Fire & Axe and Histories of Catan: Struggle for Rome have arrived at the Kindt residence and are beckoning to be played, which is helping to mitigate my Gollum-like yearning for Tide of Iron.


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Gaming on the 23rd

Hola! Jacqui and I will be hosting our usual Friday Night Session starting at 7pm. RSVP in the comments!


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Epic Duels On-Line Tournament

Although I'm not yet committed to the 2-3 years of tournament play required for the new Barbarossa to Berlin tournament, the Yahoo Vassal-based Epic Duels On-Line Tournament looks like a lot of fun. I've just signed up for the "Purists Tournament" which starts on 2 April 2007. What is nice is that you can sign up for divisions requiring one, two, or three games per week, depending on your level of interest/availability.

Epic Duels is a quick, fun game with lots of chrome and theme, and the Vassal module seems particularly well done. Even if you're not interested in tournament play and would like to just give the game a whirl sometime just let me know. If I'm on-line, I usually have Google Talk fired up, so just give me a shout.

May the Force be with you!


too early in the year....

..... to be daydreaming about this. Hope I see some of you there (I'll be long gone and forgotten in Galveston by then).

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Space Dealer Timers for SABG

Anyone want/need a complete set of replacement timers (version 2.0) for Space Dealer? In addition to the set I'm giving Simon, I have an extra set. I suppose I could auction these off or sell them, but I thought I'd instead give them to someone in SABG who might want them. Tips of Geek Gold are of course accepted if you so wish.

Monday Night Gaming

So, we had a good turnout last week. Will it be two weeks in a row? Perhaps.... I personally wouldn't mind another game of Here I Stand, or a long-ish game. But the bag will hold a nice variety of games.

No gnomes this week, though.

But it's an open question as to what titles will hit the table, and only those there get to decide!


Saturday, March 17, 2007

Arkham Horror Variants

FFG has posted great editing tools for the Arkham Horror gaming system on their website. This example totally cracked me up! I haven't tried out the game since I added the two expansions to the mix, and I hope to sometime in the coming weeeks. Just let me know if you share a similar interest, though I'd probably stick to the stock characters for now.


Friday, March 16, 2007

Saturday Gaming

As the dawn rises tomorrow on a new day, the sound of dice rattling through a wooden tower will be heard amongst the chirping of birds. I'm offering to host if anyone is interested. Just shoot me an e-mail and/or post a comment here. Whoops... my plane is now boarding... have to run!


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Epic Battlelore game?

Monday I was able to play my daughter twice using Battlelore scenarios with full councils. I think she's got it, and she's enthusiastic about marshaling the flank forces if she and I ever team up for the epic version. I'm definitely prepared for an epic game should I get together with another Battlelore owner anytime soon. I've got the rules and some scenarios printed out and it seems like it will work well. It will be much easier once the extra board becomes easily available.

Saturday's gaming was great, thank you Jeff and Amy for hosting, and I saw 300 on Sunday. We have since played Plataea, Paraitacene, Gabiene, and Magnesia using CnC Ancients. My daughter plays anytime, my son requires a bribe, but even he enjoys re-rolling crossed sword hits with a successful elephant attack.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Long Lost SABG Pal

Kendahl and I were able to hook up for a game this evening of UberPlay's Metro. For of you that might not have had the opportunity to meet Kendahl, he moved to Warner Robins, Georgia about six months ago, leaving his friends in SABG to mourn his departure. Kendahl was one of the original founders and organizers of SABG, and he personally introduced me into the group. Through Kendahl I met Patrick, Rob, Brian, and Ted, and the rest is history... So, when I had the opportunity to take a trip with the military to the base where Kendahl now works, I jumped at the chance!

The game Metro was great fun, and I was impressed with how it was well produced and mentally engaging, yet light enough that we could still spend a lot of time socializing. I'd say the game is sort of a cross between Carcassonne and perhaps Ticket to Ride. For those of you familiar with the Paris metro system, you'll immediately recognize the various destination spaces you're trying to link as the actual stations in the City of Light. Like in Carcassonne, you take turns drawing and placing tiles, trying to connect your stations to other stations, with more points going to routes that are longer.

In any event, it was great to catch up with an old pal, give him an update on his pals from SABG, and enjoy good times with a friend. I hope we're able to do so again soon. Kendahl, we miss you, buddy!

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Two from the Vault

I was reminded about an old favorite of mine after Brian put up a post about an up coming game called Race for the Galaxy. I too will be watching this one, but I am reminded about an old SPI game that all well-rounded gamers should at least be familiar with.

In the Mid 1970, SPI put out three companion games: Star Force, Outreach, and Star Soldier. These three games all were related and pretty much took place in the same world. I think that Star Force was the first and the other two were designed around it, but I could be wrong. I owned Star Force and Outreach and really liked them both. I never did get Star Soldier, but I did get a chance to see it up close and it seemed to be a complex (for the time) Squad Leader type of game. Star Force takes place in the area around our own star (Sol) ad extends about 100 light years around (going by memory). Outreach occurs on a far larger scale where each hex is about 1,500 light years and the turns are a generation.

I think that these were very good games for their time. The mechanics were cleaver and original (as far as I can tell). Star Force was the first science fiction game that I got and I enjoyed it so much that I later got Outreach and Starship Troopers (Avalon Hill).

My criticism of these games was a lack of a good story line. Twilight Imperium has a fairly detailed story line and the different races have their own unique histories and abilities. Star Force made a sad mistake of taking a first contact between two alien races and making their technologies and strategies identical. This made the lack of any real story or history even drier. Later in the game, a new and more alien race is discovered, but without much more of an “Alien Impact”

Because Outreach takes place on such a large scale, the players represent not races, but civilizations with different tech-levels. This makes things a little more interesting, but it still left me wanting something more.

These were good games that I enjoyed playing way back then and I have fond memories of them. If you did not know of them and took the time and trouble to read this, well now you know a little more. I hope that "Race for the Galaxy" follows in the tradition of well designed games by Rio Grande and that we as a group can have some good sessions of it.


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Monday Night Gaming

Well, while the rest of you saw 300, I got a nice sunburn during the T-Ball Triple Header. Still, I'll get myself all cultured up today, so I'll be allowed to game tomorrow.

Some people have mentioned that Spring Break would be a good week, so I'm counting on a large turnout. There's even a new title in the bag! Can you feel the excitement?


Saturday, March 10, 2007

My Sat AAR

First off, sorry for sort of dropping the ball on the Alamo screening of 300. This project at work is kicking my butt, and I just wasn't able to spare any clock-cycles for planning.

I'm hoping to read some great session reports from games, but at least I can report two coats of white on the ceiling and one coat of light blue on the top third of the walls. Tomorrow we hope for a 2nd coat of light blue and one or two coats of dark blue. We'll do any touch ups during the week.

We went to the Alamo for the 1:30 show of 300 and had lunch. I forgot to mention one of the best things about the drafthouse: the pre-show. They often have funny, entertaining videos before the show, and this time they were playing some documentary about the making of 300. They had interviews w/ Frank Miller, the director, etc. They were offerring a "Greek special" for lunch, but it included feta, a no-no for pregnant women. I had the "Wild at Artichoke Hearts" pizza, while Meredith had the "Blue Hawaii." If nothing else, the drafthouse is efficient. We're able to easily fit in dinner and movie on weeknights.

What a visually stunning movie. My favorite part was the rhino charge. A spartan chucks a spear and hits the rhino. The massive beast continues to bear down, while our hero is standing there sort of like he's thinking: "Nothing but net, baby." The camera cuts to behind his shoulder, watching the beast continue unabated. Then the camera slowly, s-l-o-w-l-y pans down the guy's back, filling the screen w/ a cape such that you can't see the rhino. I bet that pan took like 10 seconds to get to the guy's feet where it stops. Just as it stops, the dead rhino slides into the frame. The soldier never moved. Amazing.

I was also interested in the philosophy underlying the movie. Frank Miller's imagination is fevered to say the least, but he's got some interesting substance. In Miller's Sparta everyone is expected to carry their weight. If you can't, then, nothing personal, but you're out. Xerxes's philosophy is quite a contrast: "Leonaidis asks that you stand. All I ask is that you kneel."

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Epic BattleLore

BattleLore Days of Wonder

Heck, I'm still getting used to vanilla BL, but the epic version was just released on the DoW website!


Liberty: American Revolution

After a long hiatus, Ted and I finally got together Wednesday evening to play the Columbia block game Liberty: American Revolution.

The superior training of the British showed as they launched a quick offensive in 1775, capturing George Washington in the process. The Brits maintained control of the southern colonies, Canada and a foothold in Boston for most of the game while the Colonists maintained strength around Philadelphia and New York. In 1778 the main British army pulled out of Boston and made an amphibious landing at Dover. Under the command of Gen. Howe, British forces pushed into Philadelphia, Baltimore and New York. The following year the French intervened and a combined American-French force captured Gen. Cornwallis at Yorktown. By mid-1779, the British held enough victory cities to potentially win the game, but the Americans were poised to launch a counteroffensive that would likely have prevented a British victory.

Ted and I had to stop before finishing the game, but it was a good learning session. It took us about 2.5 hrs. to get from 1775-1779, including reading the rulebook. Experienced players should be able to complete the game easily within the 2-3 hr. playing time listed on the game. I highly recommend downloading the latest version of the rulebook from Columbia games as it clarifies all of the rules we had difficulty with during our game.

While this game utilizes some of the rules from Hammer of the Scots, the majority of the rules are new, particulary in the important areas of naval combat and amphibious landings. The feel of the game is also quite different. There are a lot fewer dice being rolled as much of the game is spent maneuvering forces. The gameboard is also less crowded as both sides have fewer forces. This makes mistakes more costly as neither side can afford to lose precious units. The Americans generally make opportunistic attacks while the British use their fleet to land troops at important locations along the coast. French intervention in the game makes for some interesting dynamics. The French navy is the equal of the British and they are fighting not only in the American Colonies, but in the West Indies as well (represented by an off map box).

Overall, I really like this game. Gameplay is fast and there are plenty of decisions to be made without being overwhelming. This is a winner from Columbia Games.


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Friday Gaming

We're hosting again. RSVP in the comments.


Sunday, March 04, 2007


Amy and I are going to see 300 this weekend. We'll probably go to the AMC theater at Huebner Oaks. We're undecided on which day, but most likely it'll be Saturday so as not to interfere with Friday gaming. If anyone wants to join us and form a geek-cluster, you're more than welcome. Utilize the comments to RSVP, propose a different theater/day, sing Miller's praises, complain that movie-going just hasn't been the same since the Lord of the Rings trilogy concluded, or whine about having to paint the baby's room. (I'm just teasing, Ted. We're very happy for you and Meredith and Sprout!)

Chimaeracon 2007

Yet again I have to ask myself: How does this happen?

Last time it was when I discovered another gaming group here in town. This time I found out at the last minute about a gaming con here in town.

Chimaeracon 2007 will be next weekend at Crossroads Mall near the "intersection" of 410 and 10.

I told Meredith I'd like to go, and she informed that I'd be painting the baby's room. There's a double irony here. I don't think the room needs to be painted. She, being pregnant, can't paint. Once more I ask myself: How does this happen?

I hope to attend at least briefly. It's gotta be more fun than watching the paint dry.


Weekend Gaming After-Action Report

Two great days of gaming were held this past Friday and Saturday, with both sessions starting at around 7 AM at my place and running until about noon.

Attendees: Ben, Rob, Steve
As the image above alludes to, we had an ancient themed session, first playing Perikles and then Conquest of the Empire 2. I'll say again that the more I play Perikles, the more I like it, though I do yearn to try it again in its 5-player incarnation. It was interesting to hear Rob compare CotE2 with Struggle of Empires, which I haven't yet played. I do enjoy CotE2, and our game came down to the last turn with all three players in tight contention. Again, I think CotE2 plays even better with more players.

Attendees: Ben, Jeff, Steve
We started out with Star Wars: Epic Duels. Jeff took Darth Vader plus 2 Stormtroopers; Steve took Yoda plus 2 Clonetroopers; and I had the lamest combination of teen Anakin plus girlfriend Amidala. Darth Jeff made the mistake of nearly choking the life out of Amidala early in the game, which made Anakin very angry. You won't like him when he's angry... Anyway, Anakin proceeded to slice and dice his way through troopers and Darth alike, assisted by a long range aimed shot from his girlfriend. Yoda cowered in the corner for most of the game, drawing cards and occasionally applying a force push. Amidala tried another aimed shot a Yoda, who simply bounced it back at her, leaving her with a smoking hole where her pretty face used to be. Anakin again tried to go into rage mode, but Yoda simply blocked everything he had, then chased him down and executed him. Ouch! Well played, Steve.

We next played Nexus Ops, followed by Perikles again. Both were great fun!

I'd like to sincerely thank everyone who came over this weekend. We put away a ton of coffee and converted its energy to lots of fantastic gameplay and comradery. I hope we're able to do it again sometime soon.

A new flavor of crack approaching: Star Wars Pocketmodel TCG

Details Here. For those of us who love the thought of a Star Wars space miniatures game, but don't want to spend hundreds of dollars building a decent battleforce (at least to start with), this foam board alternative seems like a good one. The models certainly look nice. Hopefully the game itself will be fun as well.

Gaming Monday & News

I'm planning on being around Monday ... is anyone else? The typical games in the bag, although I may shuffle things up tonight. To Court the King will definitely be there, I've got a rep to defend.

In other news -- I got the Sword of Rome expansion. Still have to read the rules, but it's been two months since my last CDG. Apart from Rome, I could go for another round of Here I Stand... and Valley Games just billed for Hannibal, so that will probably be here in May. But that's only #2 on my excitement list. My premier, gotta-have-it game should be out in July.

Chat away!

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