Saturday, November 19, 2011

While I have been away from the SABG, I have had a chance toplay a good number of TI3 games with my game buddies from my church. Over the past year we have evolved a few house rules that I thought I would share with y’all. They have worked out quite well and would be
interested in your feedback.
Hidden Carrier Compliment – For just a few dollars (less than $6), I was able to get some small six-compartment boxes. We mark each compartment with a number and also a corresponding carrier (1 – 4) and war sun (5-6). Instead of placing fighters on the board, we place them in the box. This masks the number of fighters that a carrier has aboard. You would be surprised how well this works!! People now see carriers in a whole new way – does it have the full complement of fighters or just one or two…maybe its empty and just a bluff. The rules of the game
were not changed, just the units on the board. I loved the way this worked out. It also considerably reduces the board clutter.
PDS rule modification – A PDS planetary shield
can now effect a war sun similar to the way it effect a dreadnought. Basically the PDS will reduce the number of
dice that a unit (dreadnought or war sun) rolls by one during planetary
bombardment. So a war sun will roll only
2 dice when bombarding a planet with 1 PDS and only 1 dice if the planet has
two. Why this rule? We just thought that even if a war sun could get
past the PDS, it should still at least be hampered by it.
Double the amount of Political
Cards: This is only for the second set of strategy cards as these give you more
control over the political cards. Basically every time you draw a political
card, you take two instead. When you play a political card you will also
discard one without playing it. This will give more attractive choices for the
political process. We did this because we all agreed that this just gives us
more choices about playing political cards and we are more likely to use the
political process. It works well.
Before shuffling the objective deck, we photo copy the cards so that the
players can all see what the cards will be. This gives the players a chance to
know what to work for, but not know when the card will come up


At 6:23 PM, November 24, 2011, Blogger Mark said...

Nice review. I'm thinking about picking this one up for Christmas since it can accomodate a big group and we've had an urge for some sci-fi gaming.

At 7:06 PM, November 27, 2011, Blogger Carlos said...

Mark, you never have to push too hard to get a game of this out of me. We have a good pool of players. In fact we may go for another game in the next month or two. I will keep your name in the loop for this one.


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