Saturday, November 19, 2011

Well, I was finally able to get my latest Twilight Imperium expansion
on the table. I don’t think that Shards
of the Throne was as good as Shattered Empire, it defiantly is worthwhile if you
are a fan of the game. But for this
time, all we used were the new Flagship units and the Mechanized ground force

The Flagship was phenomenal.
Each one is quite unique and because they were new to us their effects
were quite a surprise. Interestingly
enough the mechanized units were not used much at all in this game. I was rather disappointed with my own
Flagship of the Xxcha Kingdom – probably the lamest of the Flagships. The Human flagship had an impressive to care
scores of ground troops. This made it a
very worthwhile venture.

We did not try the mercenaries or the new political
system. Some of the buzz I have been
reading about the political system is that it slows the game without adding
much. I have mixed feelings about the mercenaries. My son really wants to try them out, so maybe
we will next time.

I think that I would have been happier with just
the new units. I do want to give the historical
scenario a try one day, but who knows when that will be. I have not read any feedback about it on BBG


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