Sunday, March 04, 2007

Gaming Monday & News

I'm planning on being around Monday ... is anyone else? The typical games in the bag, although I may shuffle things up tonight. To Court the King will definitely be there, I've got a rep to defend.

In other news -- I got the Sword of Rome expansion. Still have to read the rules, but it's been two months since my last CDG. Apart from Rome, I could go for another round of Here I Stand... and Valley Games just billed for Hannibal, so that will probably be here in May. But that's only #2 on my excitement list. My premier, gotta-have-it game should be out in July.

Chat away!

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At 10:15 AM, March 04, 2007, Blogger Rob said...

I'll be there. Time will be a bit limited b/c the wife is off again tomorrow.

I'm also in the mood for a group CDG (SoR or HiS), although it seems like Mondays may not work for that as they used to.

Steve had asked about what game I look forward to in the not so distant future...I think Through the Ages would be it. Hannibal too of course.

At 10:58 AM, March 04, 2007, Blogger Brian said...

I certainly hope (and expect) to try Through the Ages in the near future.

As for the CDGs, perhaps this could be a saturday game in the near future (this week is the final week of T-ball for the kids).

At 12:10 PM, March 04, 2007, Blogger Rick N said...

I'd like to be there, especially since I haven't been in a couple of weeks, but I have a union rep meeting to attend. If I decide to skip it, you'll see me around six.

At 2:01 PM, March 04, 2007, Blogger Ben said...

No Monday gaming for me. Instead I'll be catching up on dice tower production.

I too just paid my Hannibal invoice.

For some reason multi-player CDGs just don't entice me much, though I do enjoy the two-player kind. I sold my copy of Sword of Rome not too long ago.

At 7:09 PM, March 04, 2007, Blogger Carlos Pena said...

Race for the Galaxy sounds cool. Were you ever familiar the old SPI classic "Outreach"?

At 7:52 PM, March 04, 2007, Blogger Rob said...

Ben, HIS is VERY different from Sword of Rome. To me, it's like a modern day Dune (heck, may be even better....although I like Dune's theme a bit better....fantasy over history....egads! blasphemy!).

In HiS, everyone has their agendas, their goals, and their own 'special powers'. Everyone will have needs and things to offer other players at some point in the game, in order to meet their own goals. Because of this, diplomacy is just key in this game, and a VERY fun element.

By that token, Sword of Rome feels a bit more 'shallow' (which I think is the only multiplayer cdg you've tried....?).

At 8:03 PM, March 04, 2007, Blogger Brian said...

Nope, never heard of Outreach.

I do prefer HIS to SoR, because of the differences feel more pronounced (and the game just seems to move faster).

At 6:51 AM, March 05, 2007, Blogger Ted Kostek said...

Perhaps the best thing about HIS is the pregnancy table. How many games require a player to roll on a pregnancy chart?

That said, I don't consider HIS a wargame per se. There's military conflict for sure, but there's a *whole* more than moving troops around. Highly recommended.

At 4:31 PM, March 05, 2007, Blogger Ben said...

Rob, you're completely correct. I'm willing to give HiS a try. I do need to bring Dune back to the table sometime...

At 4:39 PM, March 05, 2007, Blogger Rob said...

Ted, and that's what drew me to it. And the timeperiod too of course.

At 9:09 AM, March 07, 2007, Blogger Ben said...

Session report?


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