Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Long Lost SABG Pal

Kendahl and I were able to hook up for a game this evening of UberPlay's Metro. For of you that might not have had the opportunity to meet Kendahl, he moved to Warner Robins, Georgia about six months ago, leaving his friends in SABG to mourn his departure. Kendahl was one of the original founders and organizers of SABG, and he personally introduced me into the group. Through Kendahl I met Patrick, Rob, Brian, and Ted, and the rest is history... So, when I had the opportunity to take a trip with the military to the base where Kendahl now works, I jumped at the chance!

The game Metro was great fun, and I was impressed with how it was well produced and mentally engaging, yet light enough that we could still spend a lot of time socializing. I'd say the game is sort of a cross between Carcassonne and perhaps Ticket to Ride. For those of you familiar with the Paris metro system, you'll immediately recognize the various destination spaces you're trying to link as the actual stations in the City of Light. Like in Carcassonne, you take turns drawing and placing tiles, trying to connect your stations to other stations, with more points going to routes that are longer.

In any event, it was great to catch up with an old pal, give him an update on his pals from SABG, and enjoy good times with a friend. I hope we're able to do so again soon. Kendahl, we miss you, buddy!

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At 9:52 AM, March 14, 2007, Blogger Kendahl said...

Let me first wipe this little tear from my eye...

It was great hooking up with Ben for a board game. I enjoyed our visit. As he said, the game is pretty light but offers some decision making. There is an element of luck...my biggest scoring route was at the end of the game where the last piece just happened to be a great one. I do like the game though. Easy to teach and doesn't last too long. I have the same complaint with the game as I do with Carcasonne: your strategy and success is driven by the tiles you randomly pick.


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