Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Saturday planning post

Is it too early to start thinking about the weekend?

A few weeks back, I mentioned I was looking to have a Mare Nostrum game at my house this Saturday. The response was underwhelming. Therefore I'm sorry to report there will not be an MN game at my house this Saturday.

To salve my wounds, I managed to arrange for an all-day Rommel-a-thon with long-lost SABGer Mark.

If others are planning any Saturday gaming, post in the comments. As always, DL is open. I assume w/o checking that the D&D mania has ebbed to a low roar, so DL might be safe for general gaming.



At 7:23 PM, June 24, 2008, Blogger Carlos said...

This Saturday I am supposed to play my first game of Asia Engulfed with Jose. I have been looking forward to this for a few months.

At 7:25 PM, June 24, 2008, Blogger Carlos said...

BTW, Ted if you recall I had wanted to plat MN, but I had already committed to game with Jose. I am still up for a game of MN and hope to play before the end of summer.

At 8:02 PM, June 24, 2008, Blogger Ted Kostek said...

Carlos: I remember it well because you were only person who gave a specific positive response to my post. I got two negatives, and a generic "I can play Saturdays" from Travis.

I wasn't surprised, but I remain ever hopeful. Perhaps later this summer... In the mean time, AE and RitD are both fine games.

At 8:27 PM, June 24, 2008, Blogger Mark said...

Not all who wander are lost.

I would play MN. I think I would prefer using the standard game. I remember playing with the mythology expansion: not bad but I was totally lost when they pulled out cards with gods & heroes offering up special powers.

At 11:47 PM, June 24, 2008, Blogger Michael said...

As reported earlier, I am out of town for the next few weeks. Have fun.

At 7:13 AM, June 25, 2008, Blogger Ted Kostek said...

Mark: I wonder if using the expansion in our first game was maybe a bit too much? Maybe that was part of the problem?

I wonder if it's possible to use part of the expansion. By changing Greece and Rome and adding Atlantis, it's supposed to fix balance.

But the extra gods and heros seem like an option that could be omitted during the first game or two. I would hate to skip the mythic creatures, though. They're way cool, IMO.


At 7:23 PM, June 25, 2008, Blogger scott said...

For the record I would like to play MN again; I just didn't commit to your ealry invitation because even at this late date I am 50/50 if I can make whatever is going to be happening on Saturday and if I can make it there is a good chance I will have to show up a bit later in the morning. For whatever it is worth I would think the game would be better with the greek/roman changes; I am on the fence about Atlantis; and would agree that you could do without the mythical creatures; of course my practical experience with this is extremely limited so take all of this with a grain of salt.

At 12:46 AM, June 26, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My place will also be open for Saturday. Ben and I are planning on tackling the new Arkham Horror expansion in the morning. Anyone else is welcome to join us or bring their own games as always.

At 3:14 PM, June 26, 2008, Blogger Jonathan W. said...

I can make it sat morning, we should play Descent and than in the afternoon yall could tackle Arkham when I have to head out.

At 6:32 PM, June 26, 2008, Blogger scott said...

if i can make it I would be in for arkham or descent if you need one for either.

At 9:34 PM, June 26, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wasn't it about a year ago that I posted a comment about hosting Descent at my house and Jon said, "Screw that, if we're playing Descent then I'm out?" :-)

The circle is now complete.

We can consider Descent or TI3 or something else. Nothing is ever set in stone.

At 9:56 PM, June 26, 2008, Blogger Ben said...

We could play Descent... or you could just take me out to Chris' front yard and bludgeon me repeatedly with a large stick.

Now the circle is complete!

At 10:10 PM, June 26, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would take a try at Overlording Descent for whoever wants to play, but I'd need a bit o' time to look over the rules first, so I'm not sure I'd be up to it this weekend.

We could probably get Jon to play TI3 with us. But then, you might as well take ALL of the rest of us out to my front yard for a good bludgeoning and it would approximate the endgame.

Still, I'd do it.

I can also think of about 20 other non-epic games I'd like to play as well. I don't really own many of them though, and I kind of like the Christmas morning surprise of looking in people's bags and saying, "Oooh, what did you bring?"

Truly random suggestions off the top of my head:

War of the Ring
Factory Fun
Winner's Circle/Win Place Show
Cash n' Guns
Traders of Genoa
Combat Commander

Is my house ok or would we rather do DL (or someone else's house)? I'm open to either.

At 11:00 PM, June 26, 2008, Blogger Ben said...

Descent is okay for the morning... heck I'm about to nuke my first city, though I must make a successful die roll to do so, which tends to be my downfall.

I think once I start accruing 2-3 conquest per turn things will start to even up for the evil overlord. Right now its almost ridiculously unbalanced in the heroes' favor, though I suppose its only fair I suck it up for a while.

I don't think we want to try Arkham anywhere except your house, Chris.

TI:3... don't get my hopes up.

At 12:28 AM, June 27, 2008, Blogger Tiffany said...

1)Ben, you wish to sucessfuly dice roll. Is that possible?
2) What, you all are playing Descent wihout me? But i actually like it (gasp -- didnt think it would happen, but it did)
3) Needless to say i will be out for all festivities. finishing moving and all.

At 7:38 PM, June 27, 2008, Blogger joefling34 said...

Anybody up for some War of the Ring w/ expansion tomorrow at Dragons Lair. Im bringing my painted set if anybody is up for a game.


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