Monday, November 21, 2005

Kung Fu Fighters or Gorillas with Machine Guns?

Okay, I admit it. Sometimes I have a little fun torturing my wife, Vicki. She isn't a gamer, though she does her best to humor me at times. I love her truly, but I do have fun seeing how far she'll indulge my nerdidity.

For instance, I often play a little game with her where I ask her out of the blue, "Which would you rather have in your army?" A squad of Panzer Grenadiers with a halftrack or a thousand cave men? Darth Vader or Terminator? Michael Jackson or Jar Jar Binks? ...and then I debate with her the merits of each.

One of my favorite comparisons recently is to get her to rate my Heroscape figures. For instance, Gorillas with Machine Guns or Kung Fu Fighters. She usually picks the Gorillas, but I point out that though they have vastly superior firepower, the Gorillas are very excitable and can become very unpredicatable in the heat of battle, breaking things, eating all the food, and eventually shooting up your own HQ with everyone in it. About this time I get an "okay I've had enough," look from her...


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