Saturday, March 12, 2011

Get to the Chopper!

At long last, here it is. The exciting conclusion to our epic session report of SABG's journey through GDW's classic board game, Intruder.

When we last left our heroes, the remaining crew was huddled back in the ship's Command Module. Killed by the Alien xenomorphs: Ben, Steve, Jon, Ted. Still alive, but feeling very nervous:

  • Michael - First Officer; the Ripley of our story
  • Brian - the one remaining Engineer, the Yaphet Kotto / Parker of SABG
  • Mark - the spunky, loyal ensign, the Kif Kroker of this rust bucket
  • ...and three sneaky androi.... I mean scientists: Chris, Rob, and Dennis
At the end our last episode, Michael, realizing the futility of trying to take on the Aliens, now estimated to be fully grow, immune to pretty much everything except blaster fire, and at least four in number, decided to punch the self destruct.

The ship's computer, "Mother," started the countdown, sounding loud klaxons, venting hot steam, and making the whole ship rather unpleasant. The ship was equipped with two still fully functional escape shuttle craft. Each shuttle could hold four crew. Michael ordered the computer to energize both shuttles and start the engine power up sequence. This would take four turns. The main ship would blow up in 8 turns.

The shuttles were each located in a separate shuttle bay at opposite ends of the ship. Motion trackers showed big, swiftly moving, angry blips around both bays. Reaching each bay required a mad sprint down a long corridor do-able in roughly two turns. The crew divided into two teams: Michael, Brian, Dennis, and Rob in one (safety in numbers); Mark and Chris in the other (the diversion?).

The path to Michael's shuttle cleared of blips for just a brief instant as they moved into an adjacent room, perhaps to go kill the last remaining house cat scurrying about the mess hall. The four crew sprinted down the corridor, popped open the shuttle bay doors, and jumped in the shuttle, slamming and sealing the shuttle doors.

Mark's and Chris' run was a bit more exciting. Two big, angry blips lay directly between them and the shuttle bay and would not move. The two knew to try their luck killing an Alien at this point would be suicide without some crazy luck. The ship grew ever louder and hotter as the failsafe point for turning off the self-destruct came and went. The ship was going to blow!

On the last possible turn, the blips briefing moved away, and Mark and Chris made a mad dash to their shuttle, hopped in, and punched it just as they ship was starting it's final countdown.

Both shuttles screamed away from the ship at top speed! They had to get outside the nuclear detonation radius before the ship blew. BOOM! The ship blasted itself apart.

Luckily, both shuttles escaped. But wait.... there's more!

First, Mark and Chris finally let go of each others hands and decided perhaps it was best if no one ever mentioned this entire episode. Suddenly, out of the corner of their eye they see an Alien crawl out from behind a pile of survival gear crates. Alien stowaway! Argh! The Alien launches himself at Mark. Mark bravely fires his blaster pistol defensively (D6, needed a 1 to kill). Miss! Mark is picked up and ripped in half. Gross! Chris backs up against the wall, sobbing. He grabs a pistol points at the Alien and shoots (D6, 1-2 needed) and hits before he realizes the rules forbid one of the Androids from making a lethal attack. Doh! Chris instead watches as his white-blooded body is splatter all over the inside of the shuttle. The shuttle eventually careens back into orbit of the planet where the Aliens were first found. The shuttle crashes, setting the Alien free. Whew! What a ride!

In the other shuttle, Michael, Brian, Dennis, and Rob breath a collective sigh of relief. In another 2 months time they'll be in communications range of an outer rim outpost and be home free. Not so fast.... Throwing aside a pile of space suits, another Alien stowaway is aboard this shuttle as well! (D6, 1-5 chance based on the number of live Aliens on the ship at the time the shuttle punched).

Michael steps forward, coolly drawing his regulation .44 magnum blaster sidearm. The Alien attacks him first. Michael rolls his defensive attack (D6, hits on a 1). Michael rolls a 1! Boom! The Alien is hit square between the eyes and falls dead at his feet. Hooray! Michael saves the day.

The official tally:

4 dead Aliens (the fifth from the first shuttle survived): +28 VPs
5 dead crew (not counting poor Ben): -25 VPs
Ship detonated: VPs cannot be >0.

So.... not a loss, but not a win either. Whew!

Final thoughts: A tense, bloody game that is remarkable for the "historically accurate" feel it provides in comparison to the original Alien movie. It is possible to kill the Aliens, but very tough with the improvised weapons the non-military crew possesses. More than likely the brave attempts to confront the Alien end up in very bloody death scenes. Sure, its a light dicefest, but a nice, nostalgic diversion as well. Well worth the $10 I spent on it via E-Bay.

Next up: SABG takes to the skies in Hornet Leader!



At 7:33 AM, March 14, 2011, Blogger Michael said...

Won easily.

At 8:49 PM, March 14, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, Michael, it says in the rules that we can't win if we blow up the ship...

...but when you did the things you did in Ben's game, you blew up the ship.

What happened there?

BTW, we should get bonus points for saving the cat.

(says the guy who has cats)


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