Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Open the Pod Bay Doors, Brian!

(The saga of SABG's foray into the world of GDW's Intruder continues....)

Now three crew down, the crew retreats back to reconsider their options. Luckily there is no evidence of the Aliens either growing or spreading at this point, which is good considering the toddlers seem to be vicious enough!

The party decides to split up into two main teams to chase down and locate the two Aliens quickly before they become too tough to handle. In addition, the two remaining Engineers, Brian and Ted, resolve to split off and go construct two more shock prods in hopes at least one of the Aliens can be frozen alive (i.e., big VPs).

At this point with two Aliens at Life Stage 2, the crew is not yet sufficiently motivated to disobey the Company and break out the heavy weapons.

Group 1 (Michael, Chris, Rob) and Group 2 (Mark, Dennis) each locate stray lab animals and over the course of the next couple turns successfully get them locked back up into Laboratory. This helps the team by reducing the motion tracker blips on the board.

Brian and Ted make their way to the workshop and crank away on the prods. Brian hears something outside. They try to concentrate... working fast, but trying not to electrocute themselves. They hear something run past their doorway down the hall into the main airlock. Brian pokes his head out, as Ted continues to work. Brian sees the distinct outline of an Alien inside the airlock, poking through spacesuits. He sneaks up and then in a final mad dash punches the emergency airlock release! Boom! The Alien is shot into space! Score one for the good guys.

The team reassembles back in the Command Module. Dennis studies the camera footage of the decompressing Alien and notices its exoskeleton seems to have evolved, with a new layer of thick goo on the outside. He tells the crew there is now a high probability the goo provides further thermal insulation, making the creatures essentially resistant to the ultra cold temperatures in the ship's freezer. Not good!



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