Tuesday, March 01, 2011

They're coming outta the walls!

Hello, Space Fans! Here is the next episode of "SABG in Spaaaace!" a.k.a. a session report of GDW's classic solitaire game, Intruder. We last left our poor heroes weeping in the Command Module, distraught over Ship Commander Steve's slicing / dicing at the hands of the baby xenophobe. Now, counting Ben's original chest burst, they were left without their two most valuable players.

Cue the reality show style house meeting. After lots of shouting, crying, finger pointing, etc., the crew resolves to set out to track down the two nasty, pointy critters moving about the ship before further evolution or multiplication occurs. All the ship's lab animals are still on the lose, so there is plenty of fresh meat out there for any stray face huggers to jump on. Looking at their motion trackers, the crew sees blips, real and otherwise, moving all about the ever deteriorating ship.

Dennis, who for some reason seems to know an awful lot about these Aliens, tells the crew that his analysis of their latest encounter with the Alien indicates it has now developed some form of gill-like organ, rendering it immune to their poison gas grenades. He actually seems to admire the Aliens. Great...

First Officer Michael steps forward to take charge. He picks up one of the recently constructed electric shock prods and prepares to go back out into the adjacent corridor where Steve was killed and motion trackers show something scuttling about. Michael is followed by Engineers Brian and Jon with dart guns. Still adhering to Company orders, Chris follows them in, more than a few steps behind, with no weapons, but carrying one of the very non-weapon-like lab cages. Hey, maybe the Aliens are just misunderstood...

Fellow Science Officers Dennis and Rob slink out the back door, insisting they need to instead head to the Lab to get two more cages. Michael orders Ensign Mark to follow the two scientists with a blaster and keep an eye on things.

Lastly, Engineer Ted follows Michael's group with an some spare tools (a.k.a., improvised weapon, in game terms), determined to make his way to the workshop where he can assist the effort to construct flamethrowers.


Michael's team bursts into the dark corridor. Sure enough, sitting there picking through the bloody remains of Steve's space suit is one of the Aliens. Jon runs forward, shouting, "One rabbit stew coming right up!" Famous last words.
  • Does it attack? Yes!
  • Who does it attack? Jon
  • Determine mutations that occurred during the last life stage progression: Immune to flame!
  • Jon's self defense attack with dart gun: Miss!
  • Alien attack vs. Jon: Jon is killed!
Crew counter attacks:

Brian fires dart: Miss
Michael uses shock prod: Miss
Ted strikes improvised weapon: Miss
Chris soils himself: Hit; No effect on Alien

Nice rolling, guys!



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