Sunday, March 06, 2011

So Long, Ted!

(This post continues perhaps the longest running session report on SABG ever: GDW's classic game Intruder).

Alright, space fans, we're headed towards the dramatic conclusion. The current score is: SABG 1, Aliens 3. To move things along towards the finale, I'll be a bit more concise in my reporting.

After Brian's dramatic airlocking of one of the Aliens, the team regroups to consider their options. There are still at least two Aliens out there, and each turn brings the possibility of more appearing, plus each of them growing stronger, more aggressive, and increasingly immune to the crews weapons, even if they actually decide to roll some hits.

First Officer Michael points out that one of the remaining command officers must stay alive to preserve the last ditch option of blowing the ship and escaping in one or both of the shuttles. Since Michael is the senior ranking officer, he says it completely makes sense that he be the one to stay here in the Command Module to keep an eye on things.

Brave Engineer Ted steps forward. The music swells as he gives an impassioned speech about what he believes is best in life: To crush the Aliens; to see them driven before us; and to hear the lamentation of their women!

Ted runs yelling out into the darkness wielding a blaster pistol. Brian and Mark trot along a bit further back. The three unscratched scientists skulk after them a few minutes later. Michael gets comfortable in the command chair and uses the time to do his daily WoW heroic instance and a bit of fishing.

Soon enough the group runs smack into one of the now quite mature Aliens. Here is what transpires:

Alien decides to attack Ted (random determination within the group).

Defensive attack: Ted misses

Alien kills Ted. Ted is lifted from the floor, screaming at the spearlike tail of the Alien protruding from his chest. The Alien brings him closer to regard him face-to-face. The SABG members wave goodbye to him, then in a flash the Alien's inner jaw shoots forth, ending Ted's all-too-brief membership with the group.

Counter attacks:

Brian misses.
Chris misses.
Mark misses.
Dennis misses.
Rob misses.

The crew runs screaming back to rudely interrupt Michael's herb gathering.

Michael takes one look at the monitors. There are now five Aliens out scurrying within the ship, and only six quite nervous crew left. Screw it! He punches the self destruct activation button! They now have eight turns to make it to a shuttle (or shuttles) before the ship detonates.

Next episode: Get to the Chopper!



At 8:00 PM, March 07, 2011, Blogger Mark S said...

Very impressive Lego creations by a wargamer with a reputed aversion to miniatures! Your growing horde of Lego warriors would make an interesting WarMachine faction. How 'bout building some Lego Panzers for Blitzkrieg Commander or Spearhead? :-)

At 9:03 PM, March 07, 2011, Blogger Dennis Ugolini said...

This has to be the only work of fiction in history that makes scientists less kickass then they are in real life.


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