Sunday, October 25, 2009

Game Day Chez Anne

Game day at my humble abode has recently concluded and I thought I'd share some of the highjinks. There were only two others besides myself:Tiffany and my friend Erin. That's right, it was a total hen party. Instead of doing each other's hair, painting our toenails and talking about boys, we concocted cocktails (repeat numerous times quickly), played games, and talked about boys.

As you can see above, Erin and Tiffany are enjoying martinis while grappling with the incessant horrors of the [un]fair city of Arkham. And it's a good thing we had martinis, they helped to anesthetize us from the reaming we received from Azathoth. That Azzie is a mean mistreater!

Moving on, Tiffany had to dash off to work for a bit, so Erin and I played my copy of Jack. It was the first time playing for both of us, and Erin-as-Jack managed to elude me. That is to say, I found jack. As in squat. I really enjoyed the game, however. It's a nice little two person entertainment source.

Finally, Tiffany rejoined us and we played her copy of Tikal. Tiffany was a very gracious educator. So gracious, in fact, that I used her knowledge to beat her at her own game. Needless to say, I believe the next time we play Tikal, two equations will be involved: (My Ass)= Grass and Tiffany=Lawnmower.

All in all, a great day. I definitely look forward to playing all of these games again. Hopefully, if there's any more Arkham Horror fans out there, I'd love to play that game more often with or without expansions. So Arkham Horror lovers unite! There was also chit chat about Die Macher. I'm considering buying a copy, but if anyone else has it and we can get a saturday session in, consider me interested!


At 12:50 AM, October 25, 2009, Blogger Rob said...

Die Macher? I'm in.

Arkham? Only if a three player game.

Oh, and I also am guaranteed to lose if I teach a game (see post on thread above).

At 3:57 AM, October 25, 2009, Blogger Michael said...

Sorry I couldn't make it. By the time I was starting to get going the LSU game was nearly starting.

At 7:42 AM, October 25, 2009, Blogger Anne said...

Quite alright, Michael! There will be other game days!

At 12:59 PM, October 25, 2009, Blogger Ben said...

Did someone say Arkham? I'm just thankful that they're not coming out with a $400 version of it right now...

Chris and I have been averaging a game every 3 months or so, normally with a good portion of the expansions dialed in. There's absolutely nothing wrong with vanilla Arkham either. The game is certainly in my top 5 of all time.

At 1:04 PM, October 25, 2009, Blogger Anne said...

I'll play it any way it comes. I just haven't played it enough with experienced players to incorporate the expansions, yet. Hence the desire for more playing.

As for the $400 version, I too am most grateful...

At 10:15 PM, October 25, 2009, Blogger Tiffany said...

I decided I like Arkham. So I will play again. Just saying.

And I do wanna play Die Macher.

At 3:15 PM, October 26, 2009, Blogger Jeff said...

It has been too long since the last game of Die Macher.

I'm sure something can be arranged.


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