Saturday, October 24, 2009

Arts Cow - Airborne In my Pocket

I finally decided to give Arts Cow a try to produce the print-and-play game Airborne in my Pocket plus its three expansion decks, for a total cost of $35 shipped. The results?

The four decks arrived via airmail from China approximately 2.5 weeks after my order. The decks were packed in a padded envelope and sealed individually in two-piece, clear plastic deck trays within the envelop. One of the deck trays arrived slightly crushed and broken, but the poor, innocent deck was nestled safely, unharmed inside.

Quality of the cards themselves is good, though not quite top notch.... The card printing is quite sharp, and I found no errors in any of the four decks. On the down side, the lamination of the decks is a tad on the thin side, and the cards have a slight papery rather than smooth plastic feel to them I prefer. This really isn't a huge deal though, as I'm promptly loading them into pristine protectors this evening.

The game itself? I'll let you know. It looks sort of like a poor man's Fields of Fire at this point.

Anyone else have any experience with Arts Cow?



At 12:31 AM, October 25, 2009, Blogger Sean said...

I'm a big fan after one of the last print-and-play promotions they ran - I also got a mousepad and moneyclip with personal photos on them, and they look really, really good. The one thing I read on BGG about the cards is that any white surfaces on the cards seemed to pick up colors pretty easily, so if you have cards with white you might fill it in with some neutral color to prevent just leaving it blank...


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