Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Talisman Bonus Cards

For Talisman fans, FFG is selling The Reaper expansion for Talisman and if you order the expansion directly from FFG by Friday, you get two bonus cards. Offer detail is here. Figured I'd post since it's for a very limited time.

In other news, not only did the Boards & Bits order arrive a day early, there was a GMT box with Combat Commander:Pacific and Stalingrad sitting on top of it when I got home! It's always fun to open a box with fresh new games inside. Now if I can just find someone to play with...

(I'll send out Geekmails with the games and costs to those who ordered.)


At 8:12 PM, December 17, 2008, Blogger Ben said...

I have my GMT box as well!

A 35 pounder from Thought Hammer is arriving tomorrow.

My totally new X-Box Elite arrived today. Its a tad smaller... its quieter... and it smells like freshly minted Chinese plastic. Perhaps killing my old one was a good thing.

At 9:46 PM, December 17, 2008, Blogger Ben said...

Apparently I'm a completist even on games I don't yet own the base set for...

At 9:53 PM, December 17, 2008, Blogger Ben said...

So... my GMT box just contained Unhappy King Charles (the game, not the actual beheaded corpse of the English king). Overall my initial impressions are good... The game appears to be sort of a Hannibal-like card-driven wargame. Components include nice, full color cards; a clear, full color map (glossy thin paper, sadly); and what seems to be a well organized rulebook along the lines of Here I Stand (though only 24 pages).

One thing I am amazed by is how much more production quality Fantasy Flight is able to pack into a $50 game than GMT is. Perhaps I was spoiled by the recent mounted map of Successors or even the card stock map of Blackbeard, but this game does give the impression of being printed on the cheap.

Hopefully play will prove the game worthy of the investment. If nothing else, I hope to fill in my terrible ignorance of this period of English history. At this point I am mystified by most of the historical events and personalities referenced on the cards. In any event I have a nice fat rulebook to curl up with for the next few nights.


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