Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Twins/Yankees -- Game #2

"Welcome to the second road game of the Yankees/Twins series, only on the YES network. Last night's game had Randy Johnson pitch a complete game, giving up only two runs, but the Yankees offense was blanked to Johan Santana, who pitched a complete game shutout."

"Yes, only Derek Jeter could get anything going, hitting three times in four bats, for almost half of the Yankees offense."

"Tonights starters are Mike Mussina for the Yankees, and Liriano for the Twins."


"...and here we are at the top of the fourth, Yankees down 3-0. So far they've only gotten two hits. Bernie Williams leads off with a hit, grabbed by Nick Punto ... who bobbles the ball! Tough play for Punto. Williams reaches. Next up is Gary Sheffield, who got two hits last night, and reached on a Punto error in the first. Speaking of which, the scorer gives him a second for that play on Williams. Sheffield fouls off a pitch, and then takes ball four. Up strolls Jason Giambi, pitch down the middle and a line drive deep in the corner. Williams comes home, and Sheffield stops at third."

"Next up, Johny Damon. Things could get ugly for the Twins now."
"That's the thing about the Yankees, they'll be cold for most of the game and then just explode in a single inning, and drive a pitcher from the game. [1]"
"And Damon hits a nice single down the 1B line! Sheffield scores, Yankees down by one!"
"Craig Wilson is up. He's paying for Miguel Cairo, who pulled a hamstring after trying to beat the throw to first in the 2nd inning. He was useless against Santana last night ..."
"... like everyone. Santana makes you look stupid..."
"...and takes a called third strike."

"Cano comes up, and quickly strikes out for the second time in the game. Looks like the Yankees will strand a few again ... and Posada grounds weakly towards shortstop."


"And Damon hits a single to left field. That loads the bases in the top of the sixth with no outs after Liriano walks the previous two ... he's getting pulled. It looks like Gurrier is coming up."

"Now Wilson gets pulled for a Pinch Hitter. It's Hideki Matsui. He's not quite healthy, but I guess Joe Torre feels that one bat won't kill him. Matsui drives a deep hit! Two runs score, Yankees up by one. Cano comes up, he's having an atrocious series. Good swing, and it's back to the warning track. Torii Hunter gets it, but Damon tags up and scampers home. Yankees up, 5-2."


"Bottom of the eighth, Yankees up 6-3. Punto on first, no outs. Mauer at the plate, he swings, and it's gone! It's a one run game."


"Bottom of the ninth. Bartlett on 2nd, after the bunt by Castillo. Two outs. Scott Proctor pitching, as Rivera has a small bout of the stomach flu [2]. Punto comes up and bloops one into right field ... tie game. Next up Mauer, who homered last inning and has just been brutal all series. And he gets a double! Punto rounds third and then turns back."

"No way to stretch that into a run ... next up is Cuddyer ... and he strikes out! We are going to extra innings, with the game tied at six."


"Welcome to our post game rap. Certainly an exciting game, although the extra innings turned into a joke. Proctor gets the win, despite giving up four runs in the bottom of the tenth, as the Yankees bats come alive at the top. A walk and error started the inning, followed by a double to bring Giambi home, and another walk. After a sacrifice fly, the top four batters all single, and then Giambi empties the bases with a deep home run."

"Yes, the Twins made a valiant attempt and score four runs, but just can't keep it going."

"The key to the game were errors and walks. The twins got seventeen hits to our thirteen, but gave up three errors and seven walks, while the yankees only walked two. Mussina gave up an error (that cost a run) in the third, but things just came together. The Yankees are somewhat lucky to survive without Rivera available, but they'll take the split."

Game #1
Yankees 0R -- 7H -- 0E
Twins 2R -- 10H -- 0E

Game #2 (10 innings)
Yankees 15R -- 13H -- 1E
Twins 10R -- 17H -- 3E

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At 5:56 PM, July 03, 2007, Blogger Brian said...

[1] -- I mentioned that at Chris during the series ... prophetic.
[2] -- Rivera relieves the next two games, 'in the future' so had to sit this one out.

At 9:33 PM, July 03, 2007, Blogger Brian said...

And the Yankees totals after 2 series:

167 PA
145 AB
45 Hits
23 Singles
13 Doubles
3 Triples
6 Homeruns
4 Reached on Errors
3 SacF
1 SacB
17 BB
29 K
33 Runs
Grounded into 5 DP
4 Errors

.310 Average
.395 OnBase%
.566 Slugging
.962 OPS

36 IP
Gave up 44 Hits, 21 ER
Team ERA 5.25
8 Walks, 25 Ks (Nice ratio)

At 11:42 AM, July 04, 2007, Blogger Mark said...

The undefeated Mets played their first homestand against the Padres and swept the series on Monday.

At 5:02 PM, July 04, 2007, Blogger Dennis Ugolini said...

Mark -- Please send your email address to dugolini at trinity dot edu, so that I can send you the stats file.

Also, I can't follow your scoresheets:

- You list six or seven errors for the Padres. Did they really commit that many? Also, when an error does occur, you need to put down who committed it.

- In several places you have a symbol that looks like an "E", but has four horizontal lines. What is that?

At 5:37 PM, July 04, 2007, Blogger Ted Kostek said...

Brian: Yet another amazing session report. It's great to see somebody having so much fun.

Dennis: You are doing a tremendous job. We could not have picked a better strat-o-overlord.

At 9:35 PM, July 04, 2007, Blogger Brian said...

You know, it really is fun. And I'm glad that I finally learned how to score a game. I've always wanted to know that.

Baseball's real problem is it's length. It's a throwback to an earlier era ... minor league games aren't bad (no TV timeouts), but major league games are just brutal these days. I should be Tivoing them, but I find it's a better thing to just go with the flow...

I mean, on Sunday I started watching a game, went to a leisurely lunch with family. Went swimming. Ran an errand or two. Came back four+ hours later and the game was still on in the 8th. Granted, a rain delay was an hour or two of that ... but come on!

Meanwhile in 1.5 hours I get all the drama of two games. So what if it's not real?

Hopefully the baby is doing well, and you'll be free to play games. If need be, for the 2nd series we can play at your house ...


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