Saturday, September 25, 2010

Enough Quiet, let's say "I wanna" like 8 year olds

I keep telling my kids that it's impolite to just shout out things you want for your Birthday, Christmas, or a random Thursday. But since everything has been so quiet around here, I'll kick things off:

Right now I want to:
  1. Get Dominion Prosperity
  2. Try Dominant Species
  3. Get 7 Wonders (probably)
  4. Get in some emergency gaming, since I'm going to miss Monday night.



At 11:29 AM, September 26, 2010, Blogger Rob said...

I want the first 3. 4 would be great... someday.

I may start hosting at my place with smaller crowds. The wife might prefer that.

At 4:53 PM, September 27, 2010, Blogger Rob said...

le Classic-SABG est mort

At 7:37 PM, September 27, 2010, Blogger Ben said...

Classic SABG will rise like Lazarus... and then destroy the city like Frankenstein.

I'll put my little wish list up later this evening.

At 10:14 AM, September 28, 2010, Blogger Mike S said...

Like the Pheonix the new SABG has arisen from the ashes, There is a small intimate group which meets every thursday night at Gamelot, a large unwieldy group which meets monday nights at Dragon's Lair. I wanna play Tigris and euphrates and power grid almost every week and I have done so the last several weeks on thursday night. Saturday nights at Gamelot have been kicking up good numbers, with 9 feverishly fabulous players rolling dice, moving meeples and buying stocks. I closed the doors at 3:30 AM this past weekend, remember I work there most Saturday nights. (not this weekend though) daughters birthday.

At 10:27 PM, September 28, 2010, Blogger Dennis Ugolini said...

Right now I want:

1. More time to paint.
2. The Squier Stratocaster pro mode guitar for Rock Band 3.

That's it. I have simple needs.

At 10:55 PM, September 28, 2010, Blogger Ben said...

Okay, I was distracted by a slight case of WoW last night, but here is the promised list:

Heroscape D&D Wave 3: Someone stop me.

Labyrinth (GMT)

Mansions of Madness (FFG)

Talisman, Sacred Pool (FFG)

That's it at the moment.

At 11:31 AM, September 29, 2010, Blogger Rob said...

Dennis, I agree on no.2. I def want that. Maybe finally I'll go from mediocre on a real guitar, to decent.


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