Sunday, August 08, 2010

Emergency Gaming Success!

Chris and I got in a bout of CC:Med last night ... the full session report is online at BGG (may as well get a few thumbs). Right now I don't know exactly how many CC players we've got. I know three, but I think Rob converted another, and I don't remember if Ben plays. I've got to play this more ... I enjoy it and (as a 2 player game) it's very convenient for "emergency gaming" sessions at someone's home.



At 1:22 PM, August 09, 2010, Blogger Ben said...

Ah, you dirty thumb whores.

Yes, I love all things CC. One of these days I will tire of CC and perhaps actually play one of my Lock and Load or Conflict of Heroes games, but I don't see it happening any time soon.

At 7:53 PM, August 09, 2010, Blogger Mark S said...

Here's from one more board wargamer afficionado. Taking a year to build a 15mm German army has sure caused the enthusiasm "low level" indicator to illuminate for miniatures. Causes some introspective inquiry: what's the hobby? Modeling or wargaming!?
Combat Commander, Panzer Grenadier, there's even PanzerBlitz and Panzer Leader in the bottom box in the closet.
Per somebody's advice I've a copy of Lock N Load but no opportunity to learn it.
Problem is finding an available Saturday or Sunday?
Anyone interested in mountains of unpainted WarMachine minis?

At 9:19 PM, August 09, 2010, Blogger Rob said...

Ben, I've actually considered selling all of my CC stuff so that I can focus on LnL.

At 10:11 PM, August 09, 2010, Blogger Ben said...

I'm always up to try some LnL.... I just have never gotten around to learning the rules. Seeing as I have almost every LnL game, I do need to at some point.

Oh, and I expect I'll eventually be buried with my copies of Panzer Leader and PanzerBlitz. I've owned these games since 5th grade, circa 1977, and I played my first copies until they literally fell apart. I just recently obtained the additional 12 official PanzerBlitz scenarios published in the Avalon Hill PBlitz Wargamer's Guide, so I'd be up for a nostalgia trip at some point.

Mark: We need to find a conference room during the next AFCEE picnic / mandatory fun day and try something out.

Wow, Rob has resurfaced already! Not quite matching Sean's post-birth BGG Con appearance, but still... Hope all is well.

At 7:57 AM, August 10, 2010, Blogger Rob said...

Evething's going great. Not playing any games... Just doing the next best thing: reading/writing about gaming, or adding more games to My Cart on my boards and bits order that's still waiing for Age of Industry.

At 2:30 PM, August 14, 2010, Blogger Andrew Maly said...

I'm a Combat Commander fan. Let me know if you're interested in a game.


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