Monday, July 26, 2010

Perhaps Premature....

...but it looks like I may be leading the British Army to victory in the BPA WBC BoAR PBEM tournament. Those red D's are the American Army blown off the battle line. My opponent is up next, but unless he rallies those troops, its time to rewrite the history books.

Round 2 (of four preliminaries) will feature Guilford Courthouse, which will be a new game for me and I suspect a humility lesson as well.



At 3:30 PM, July 27, 2010, Blogger Rob said...


At 7:58 PM, July 27, 2010, Blogger Mark S said...

Did Tarleton's Legion saber any of the traitorous colonists into eternity?
As you've become the local expert with GMT's Battles of the American might you consider offering some Saturday afternoon "War College" seminars?

-"We fight, get beat, rise up and fight again."

At 9:41 PM, July 27, 2010, Blogger Ben said...

Alas, no Tarleton in the Eutaw Springs scenario being played in Round 1. The Americans have Francis Marion, aka the Swamp Fox, but he is just mucking about by himself in the bottom half of the map.

Oh... and I am far from the local expert. There is a former WBC BoaR champ in town now. We're about to start a game of Pensacola 1781. All-in-all, I'm just happy to get these games out of shrink and on the table, even if its just as a PBEM reference at the moment.

At 7:46 PM, July 28, 2010, Blogger Mark S said...

Maybe it was the recent Independence Day holiday, or a repeat viewing of the DVD "Rebels and Redcoats", or perhaps stirrings of my upstate New York childhood (Fort Ticonderoga, Stony Point, Newburgh and West Point)in combination with Ben's enthusiasm: I've recently acquired a copy of 'Washington's War' which I'm examining side-by-side with 'We the People', a gift from my son. If I shut my eyes I can imagine the rattle of the flintlocks, the rotten egg scent of the blackpowder, the officers' staccato '...make ready!'

At 11:44 AM, August 15, 2010, Blogger Andrew Maly said...

Yeah, but I got spanked in the email tournament. My British decided not to load their weapons.

Played Guilford Courthouse at the WBC. We played the Campaign scenario, which didn't add a whole lot of time, but really opens up the possibilities.


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