Saturday, July 03, 2010


So, just when I thought I successfully discovered a totally free of cost, extremely fun diversion in Doom Rogue-Like (or DoomRL for short), I found myself motivated to go play Doom 3 again. Thank goodness Steam is having a Crazy Eddie-style self off right now. I picked up the the entire catalog of ID games for $35. Yowza. Its something like 20 games, some of which aren't even Doom clones!

At the risk of falling into my trap, if you enjoy Doom or even the Doom Board Game, I'd heartily recommend downloading DoomRL. Its a "coffee break" style Rogue, designed so you can jump right in and have fun, progressing reasonably far pretty quickly. Because its turn-based, the game play actually feels closer to Doom the Board Game than the video game, though I'm usually too excited / terrified to do much analysis.

To enhance the straight ASCII graphics, the designer has included all the key sound effects from the video game, plus the background music. Oh, and yes.... there is still the chainsaw! I haven't survived deep enough yet to get a BFG, but I imagine there will be a huge pile of ASCII characters flying across my monitor when I do.

These same fellows have also more recently published the Aliens rogue-like, again with sound effects and music, but so far I'm just getting annihilated by that one.

Future development of Doom is supposed to include a graphic tile (rather than ASCII) interface as well as on-line play (i.e., death match).

Anyway, they're both free, so go check them out!

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