Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday Gaming

Since we haven't had a session report in some time ...

I showed up and Rob, Ryan and Dory were setting up Stone Age, so I joined them. I was pretty negative on this when it came out and figured it would be a flash in the pan, but it's still hanging around (and not just at SABG). In any case, I've had good luck with a "card rush" strategy (usually grabbing the 1-2 resource cost card, even if some of the "city" spaces are still available) and this time was no different. I only gained one meeple and two agriculture, but I got plenty of cards. By the midgame, I had 3x tools and 3x huts in my scoring pile, and I managed to get 7 of each for a 42 point bonus. The rest of my cards earned me another ~20, enough to win.

Then we played Small World (yay!) with the new "Random Event Cards" expansion (Boo!). I may play with the expansion again, if we agree to play only 'mild' cards. The major ones turn it into a crap shoot.

Then I taught Dory Glory to Rome with Rob (while Ryan grabbed dinner). We were just going to play a few turns, but I quickly built a Temple then Catacombs to end the game. Rob had to leave, so Dory and I played another game ...

We played a hand of Escalation, then had Scott A and another player (I didn't catch his name, although I guess his nick is Hobbit) played Dice Town. I rather like Dice Town .... Scott eeked out a win. After that I left for dinner, although there were still 4-5 people....

See ya'll on monday.



At 11:23 PM, July 24, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Guess what I just got in the mail from Boards and Bits! It's the new Small World Tales and... oh.


Yeah, my copy came today. I figured I was taking a chance getting it. Oh well, I'm not surprised. I can't deny that having your special powers taken away randomly doesn't sound like it would make the game fun. It's starting to remind me of the way Zooloretto had the equivalent of several straight-to-DVD quality expansions after it won the SdJ. I guess vanilla Small World is good enough.

I did get a few other expansions as well in the Box O' Fun:
Neuroshima Hex: Duel
Memoir '44 Breakout
Talisman Highland
Runebound Mists of Something
Arkham Horror Lurker at the Something
Race for the Galaxy: The Something of Something

You get the idea. I may be able to make another Monday or two in the near future, but not all of these are Monday evening length games. Still, they may be enough to lure Ben out of hiding at some point.

At 9:10 AM, July 25, 2010, Blogger Brian said...

I really do like the "Add 2-3 races and 2-3 powers" expansion for Small World ... those extra races/powers really do increase replay value (even if I'd tweak a few of them).

I looked at the "Leaders of the Small World" expansion Rob got, and I think it's pretty clever. So, yeah, it's pretty much just that one expansion.

At 6:12 PM, July 25, 2010, Blogger Tim said...

Hah. His name is actually Hobbit -- or at least he claims it to be so.

At 2:13 PM, July 26, 2010, Blogger Rob said...

Brian said that Tales and Legends is for people who don't like Small World. I think it's for those who might be burnt out on it, and are looking for a way to spice it up. Sure there is randomness, but you see the event coming up a full round before it applies... so you can prepare for it. Some of the events are like Race for the Galaxy goals, where you also have a main way of generating points, but the event gives you something more to think about.

I think it was fun, but I won't use it every single game.


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