Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Westeros - Battlelore

Hey all. Like Tifany, I too have been absent from the scene. Just wanted to let you know that today I played the Westeros/Battlelore game. I really liked it! I have only played one game so far, but it went very well. The game belongs to my friend Jerry - whom some of you met when we played TI3 at my house.

I thought it was a much cleaned up Battlelore system. Where BL uses the Left-Center-Right system, Westeros relies more on field commanders that fight alongside the troops. If you are unlucky enough to lose a commander, your ability to command your army is greatly diminished. I also liked the the victory conditions were dependent on capturing and holding certain objectives rather than just destroy enemy units. What was cool was that different things could affect the moral of the army - including the losses taken in battle.

I was a little disappointed in that the figures kept falling out of their stands. They did not seem as sturdy as my BL figures.

The game itself was very Battlelore Like. I would say that the games are at least 70% similar - Of course based on my one play. Not sure if I will get it myself, but I am sure tempted. My son and I like to play BL and I think this would be a worthy addition to our gaming experience.

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At 9:58 AM, August 07, 2010, Blogger Travis and Katy said...

I had never played Battlelore but had played Memoir 44 and I agree; the commander element allowed for much smoother gameplay.

I did have to glue all of my figures to their bases and file a couple of them where the tabs extended too far --no problems since.


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