Saturday, January 03, 2009

Tide of Iron

Hey, I am curious about Tide of Iron. I have not seen too much activity on our site regarding this game (for those of us who like games such as these). Do any of you have or play this? I have not played this with anyone in the group, but I have played a few games with my son.

At first I was disapointed with the few scenarios that the game came with, but have found them to be very challenging. We have only attempted the first 3 or 4.


At 8:55 PM, January 03, 2009, Blogger Ransom said...

Never played it but definitely interested. I am new to San Antonio and trying to find some war gamers.

At 10:21 PM, January 03, 2009, Blogger Ben said...

I have the full set, with all the expansions. I've only played once with Chris and found the experience to be mediocre. Still, I haven't given up yet and would love to play again when I get back to face-to-face gaming.

I'm actually more excited about playing Combat Commander: Pacific and the upcoming Memoir '44 campaign book.

At 8:51 AM, January 04, 2009, Blogger scott said...

I would enjoy at some point getting in some titles from the war vs. Euro side of the house the question is whether the timing and availability will allow it any time soon.

At 5:03 PM, January 04, 2009, Blogger Carlos said...

My own personal issue with the game is that I think it is too big for what you get. The set up time and table space are more trouble than I usually think it is worth to drag it out. Still, however, I do like the game and will want to play when I get the chance. I will probably get the new scenario book, but I will probably not get the Normandy expansion. When my son and I have a chance to play something, we usually opt for BattleLore over this.

Ransom, nice hearing form you. I hope that we get to meet soon.


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