Sunday, November 09, 2008

Game Gotten On, Check!

Thanks (as always) to Chris for hosting. Much football, much rock band, and much Race Expansion. I'm not sure what other games were played in the morning (perhaps others can comment), but Chris, Scott and I also got in a three player game of "Through the Ages."

Following Moon's Rule ("Real Gamers start out by playing the full game, with all optional rules"), we forced Scott into the full game. Chris got off to an early lead, pocketing an extra 1-2 VP a turn. Everyone had a small, roughly equivalent military. In Age II, Scott discovered science ("It works, bitches") but was lagging in production. I had production, and when I managed to discover the scientific method finally unlocked my position. At that point, Scott used his superior military to raid Chris for a turns worth of economy, which forced Chris to abandon a partially complete wonder. Early in Age III I managed to ramp my culture (VP) production from ~5 to 12 a turn, as well as winning the science race and having a good economy, so we called it. I think we spent ~4 hours playing, which isn't bad since I had to explain (and pause to re-read) the rules.

One nice point -- I skimmed the Errata/FAQ, and I don't think we did anything significantly wrong (besides potentially forgetting to get our VPs/Tech each turn, always a bete noir).



At 2:34 PM, November 09, 2008, Blogger Chris said...

If I remember correctly, Scott humored me while I played the Clean Up the House game. Then we opened up Memoir '44 Mediterranean Theater and started to look at it. At this point, Dennis arrived and the UT game started, so I went to watch the game while Scott and Dennis played more Statis Pro Football.

Looking up a bit about Jarrett Lee, I think the most apropos title of an article I saw was LSU's Jarrett Lee is a walking pick six. I feel kind of bad for the guy, but as Colorado coach Dan Hawkins would say, "IT'S DIVISION ONE FOOTBALL!"

Go play intramurals, brother.

At 7:20 PM, November 09, 2008, Blogger Brian said...

And the Rock Band play was enough to inspire me to get on my butt and finish the Hard Guitar Solo Tour (I still have one bonus song to beat). Take that Molly Hatchet and Aerosmith!

Compared to Hysteria's Bass, everything seems so easy...


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