Monday, July 28, 2008

Another One Bites The Dust

Simon here. You know how I do that thing where I get kind of busy and then disappear off the face of the Earth? Yeah, sorry about that. Anyway, I thought I would at least fill you guys in on what's been going on. In no particular order I got engagaed, moved to College Station with Dayna, and got a really good job! See, it's not like I was busy with anything super important...

I start tomorrow at a company called Reynolds & Reynolds as a web designer (which means I finally get to leave the seedy underbelly they call headhunting). It's a pretty big company spread over four or five offices around the US with something like 6,000 employees so the benefits package was sweetened to the point of absurdity; almost Ben-working-for-the-government-good. Basically, it was a no-brainer call.

Also, I started up a blog for friends and family since it's hard to keep up with people who live hundreds of miles away, so you guys can reach me there if you want to stay updated with the mundane trappings of this standard Earth-dwelling unit. Hopefully I'll get a chance to go back to San Antonio every once in a great while and get in a game or two. When I was interviewing, I spied some pretty tell-tale geeky stuff in the other web developer's work areas, so I have high hopes of starting up a gaming group here. Of course, I know it will never be as good as the one I'm leaving now...

Thanks for all the memories guys. I wish you all the best of good luck in the future (except Michael).

Ok, Michael too...

Best Regards, Simon



At 8:14 PM, July 28, 2008, Blogger Ted Kostek said...


You're moving on. I'm sad for us, but happy for you.

I recall back in the day reading the session reports of virtually all-night games.

Best wishes pal.

At 9:22 PM, July 28, 2008, Blogger Ben said...

Alas, poor Mister Meats... how little we knew ye! Hopefully we'll still be in touch through the magic of XBL, though you seem to get 1,000 gamer score just as I'm peeling the shrink off. Thanks for showing me the wonders of crokinole and sharing my enjoyment of Heroscape collecting. You'll be missed.

At 9:49 PM, July 28, 2008, Blogger Simon said...

Ben: Speaking of which, are you still collecting Heroscape? I just picked up wave 8. All I can say is I'm super pissed they still haven't included freakin' pirates yet. I mean come on - PIRATES for gosh sake!

I have a lot of good memories of SABG, but the majority of them are from way back when we were the lone pushes of the pretty plastic variety of games. You were a devious invader in Doom and made for some darn good games.

We'll definitely have to game some on Live.

Ted: Thanks. It's too bad we didn't get a chance to play more games together. I still love to break out Hammer of the Scots every now and then and it always reminds me of how you and Rob would wax poetically about it (you weren't wrong).

At 10:08 PM, July 28, 2008, Blogger Ben said...

Yep, I picked up Wave 8, two sets of Jungle, and the latest big hero/monster set (the one with the giant dragonfly). One of these days I'll have to make it GenCon to really play this game rather than just collect it. Pirates with a ship would be incredible. I wouldn't mind more licensed expansions (ala' Marvel) as well.

DOOM is still my all time favorite game of hot, plastic-ey death and destruction. Your house rule set and painted minis made the game even better.

At 10:40 PM, July 28, 2008, Blogger Chris said...

So, wait, why aren't you showing up for games again?

Someone once posted on BGG, "Old gamers never die... they just get a life." I figured real life had gotten in the way, and I'm glad it was in such a good way. Congratulations on your engagement and your new job! Sounds like life is treating you really well. May we all be so fortunate in our own lives.

I seriously enjoyed getting to play with you for the time our paths crossed, and I'm sorry I wasn't in the group long enough to get to play more games with you back in the early days. I still have you on my friends list on XBL. Doesn't matter how far away we all are for that, so send me an invite anytime. Plus, we'll still be here if you ever make it back for a weekend. I'm sure we'd all like to hear what the gaming situation is like in Aggieland. (Now of course, it may be mainly Tic Tac Toe and Go Fish there, but that's just a UT grad talking. :P )

At 11:34 PM, July 28, 2008, Blogger Simon said...

Chris: Dayna actually scoped out the university's gaming club for me a while back and...well, let's just say they were a full standard deviation geekier than us (i.e. large, fragrant, incredibly socially awkward). So I'm pretty much set on starting my own.

Hopefully, the aggie brain can handle complex cardboard fiddling and basic arithmetic. Remember, I'm still a grad of the UT system until I actually start grad school here, so we aren't rivals quite yet.

I'm kind of bummed that life intervened when you started showing up. Saturdays at your place seemed like a freaking blast (it was the one time I actually got to go at least). I guess I'll see you on live.

You guys are getting gears 2, right? I think it has 4 player co-op. Oh and I'm still looking for a couple more Left4Dead partners once the game ships. If you guys haven't heard of it yet, I'll just drop these few tasty tidbits:

1) It's made by Valve (of Half Life, Portal, Team Fortress fame).
2) It involves co-op FPS play in a town overrun by zombies.
3) There are copious amounts of gore.

'Nuff said.

At 11:12 AM, July 29, 2008, Blogger Dennis Ugolini said...

So would we call this a violation of Rule Zero?

When I got married, I hated when people would say, "You get to start a whole new life together", when my wife and I had known each other for years and nothing was really changing. But in your case it seems to apply much better. So good luck starting your whole new life together!

At 6:00 PM, July 29, 2008, Blogger Simon said...

We've been together for six years...but never lived together. I guess that makes it a wash?

At 12:54 PM, July 30, 2008, Blogger Jeff said...

You will definitely be missed, Simon.

Congrats on all the awesome new things in your life. The rule needs editing: Don't get married to someone who doesn't appreciate your favorite hobby.

I never did find out, are you the older brother or is Jon?

Best of luck, bud.

At 1:42 PM, July 30, 2008, Blogger Amy said...

Congrats, Simon! I'm so excited for both you and Dayna! I'm sorry to see you go (again), but I wish you the best of luck. And ditto what Jeff said.

At 8:03 PM, July 31, 2008, Blogger Simon said...

I hope you're joking, Jeff. Jon and I are not related.

Thanks to you both. And Congrats on your new family, too (again)!

At 8:20 PM, August 04, 2008, Blogger Jen J said...

Well, mean Simon. I feel like it was just yesterday we were cursing Mystery of the Abbey. Was that you? Maybe it was Jon... Just kidding. I do know you were in on the Junta fun and we had some fun gaming sessions. Good luck and if you ever get to Georgia, we'll make a quick run up the road to Boulder Games (no one told me it was 20 minutes by car).


At 8:22 PM, August 04, 2008, Blogger Ben said...

KJ! Woo hoo! Great to hear from you, buddy.


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