Saturday, July 26, 2008

28 Days Later

Twenty-eight days after our first game of Asia Engulfed, Jose and I tried again – This time then entire Pacific War…and I blew it. Or rather Jose blew up my carriers…and battleships…Oh and my cruisers (The cruiser issue still hurts)

Ok, same as before, this is a great game worth playing but there are a few things you should know. Or at least things I should have known. I lost a lot of really expensive stuff because I stupidly moved them out to sea and not paying VERY CAREFUL attention that it could be intercepted by the enemy. I guess that I am just not accustomed to the map board with seas and islands where interception fleets can just come out of nowhere. I likened it to my early days of chess where bishops would strike my men down because I had not yet trained my eyes to look for the subtle diagonals. Of course this is just a matter of training your eyes to know what to look for. I still have much to learn.

Oh, here is another juicy piece of advice: Don’t leave Australia guarded by a single militia unit!

Jose took 12 VP and won the game in early 1943. Roosevelt just threw in the towel. But this game has got some hooks in me and I will want to play again. So I encourage you to give it a shot some time.

Thanks, Jose for a great game! You played great and are a good opponent.


At 10:12 PM, July 26, 2008, Blogger Mark said...

Thanks for the report. I would like to try AE. The pacific theater has always seemed difficult for game designers to model. It can also be difficult make it enjoyable for the IJ player without anti-depressents. I found it tough to play the Confederates in the Civil War and that conflict was not nearly as lopsided as WW II PTO. Good report, I look forward to getting this on the table.

At 11:03 PM, July 26, 2008, Blogger Chris said...

Good writeup. I got my Asia Engulfed out last night for a little bit and almost started stickering it up. It looks like fewer blocks than EE, but I think I still got distracted by cleaning up and watching movies on TV that I've seen five times before and such, and the blocks remain pristine and unsullied by stickers. Oh well.

Watch out for the interceptors, huh? Sounds like good advice, as sneaking interceptors out from nowhere to destroy the forces of good sounds like something Evil Ben would do.

At 11:23 PM, July 26, 2008, Blogger Carlos said...

Chris, Mark, Right now I am up for a game of either of these two (AE or EE). AE is really the first Pacific war game that I have ever played. It has a few subtleties that are still new to me. The rules and mechanics are simple, but training my mind to be able to work them is a challenge for me.

I could possibly go for a game of EE in a couple of weeks here at my house. Something to think about anyway.

At 3:49 PM, July 27, 2008, Blogger Carlos said...

You know, I have one more thing to say about this game. I commented about how I failed to grasp some of the basic strategies of this game. I failed to mention how well Jose did manage to grasp those same strategies.

It is so cool how the placement of your fleets and ground based air units playes a major role in what your opponent can and cannot do.

This morning in church the pastor delivered a great sermon - but I had yesterdays game on my mind. I need to try this again. Does anyone what to try to schedule a game in a couple of weeks? (Yes Jose, this invite applies even to you).


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