Saturday, July 26, 2008

Session Reports -- Of Sorts

So I arrived to gaming after a nice morning of mostly not working. The band was in full swing, and there had been food other than pizza for lunch. It was looking like a fantastic day of gaming. I even got to play two new games. Our gracious host, Chris, was kind enough to teach me Thebes while the band rocked out. Thebes was a pleasant game, as long as you werent pulling dirt out of the bag for 6 of your 7 draws, but it was nice to see some real world stuff in some sort of perspective.

I wonder if anyone would buy a research game if they knew how long it actually took to research stuff. Hmmmmm...

Then, we broke out Zooloretto, with some babies, and some expansioness. We had gotten through the rules when the band broke up, and Dennis joined us for a nice game of smashing Chris and myself into the ground.

Then some piratey fun was had with Rum and Pirates. Simple enough game, but still fun. A lot of beer was had by the pirates, though apparently the real points come from treasure maps.

After that -- cards. We played "Waiting for a Third" and some Lamarkian, at least I think that might be how its spelled, poker.

After which, we dispersed to find food and prepare ourselves for a hard days work Sunday. At least that was the plan.

Though I will say that I am glad that I went home and not to work as usual after gaming. I would hate to see how flooded my apartment would have been if i had waited three hours to show up. Stupid upstairs residents and their leaky washer. My kitchen, dining room, and bathroom area are solidly underwater. It would be amusing. If it wasnt me. But that might mean that I have some friends over to the model unit for some gaming. Tikal maybe. :)


At 11:22 PM, July 26, 2008, Blogger Chris said...

We started out by Dennis giving Steve and me some quick pointers on how to play Diplomacy. I think it's one of those things that would impress me more if I saw it played in person. I'm sure the in-person interactions add some to it. However, I will admit to being interested to find out that it's not just the "Hey, I'm your friend---OOPS, I'M STABBING YOU IN THE BACK" negotiation game I had taken it to be. There's actually a good amount of strategy and planning involved. It rather reminded me of chess, in the way that Dennis described how you can predict the next several moves in advance. From what I gathered, it also seems like there is such a thing as an allied, or team victory scenario, which I like. I don't particularly enjoy games involving having to ally with someone all the way to the end and then kill your ally for the win.

Steve and I then got introduced to Tigris and Euphrates by Dennis. It's also got a fair amount of think-ahead planning. A lot of people seem to like it, but I think I'm still one or two plays away from "getting it" and having it really grab me. Steve actually caught on very quickly, and with a bit of guidance from Jon, managed to worship at the temples of many colors and claim the win. I'm very happy I finally got introduced to it, though. With that, El Grande, and Alhambra, I've gotten some intros to games I've really wanted to see for a while.

New games are always good. I just can't get enough of them. I've heard good things about Stone Age and (from Brian's blog) Tribune, both of which I'd really like to play but I'm not sure I'm inclined to buy. I think Rob also mentioned Galactic Emperor. Maybe once BGG.con rolls around...only 117 days away!

At 3:17 PM, July 27, 2008, Blogger Ted Kostek said...

The guy who designed Dip specifically wanted a game with about the same scope as chess. The number of spots on the board is not far off from chess. The number of pieces is sort of like chess. Early in the game it's hard to make a cross-board move, but in both games it gets easier (for different reasons).

T&E is a great game, but I haven't played in a while. A friend of mine is mightily amused that there's a summary of the quick reference sheet. For her this game represents a big complexity leap.


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