Saturday, March 08, 2008

Final SABBL Rules answer, questions

After our practice games, and thinking about things, I looked up a few rules.

1) The chart that Dennis mentions on the SA charts is minimum rest required for STARTERS only, not relievers. (Basically, if you don't have a * and go 6-9 innings, four days of rest. 5 innings requires 3 days rest). Relievers follow the same basic rules (two days on, then off). The most innings a relief pitcher can be used is POW + 2. (So a (1) reliever must exit after 9 outs). We need to clarify how we are working that. I think "2 consecutive reliefs of any length require a rest, and any long relief requires a rest". Long can be defined how we like, but I think it should be 6+ outs.
2) According to 27.62, you can use a starter as a reliever, but he's instantly vulnerable. (POW rating of 1).
3) I'm not completely hosed at Outfield ... moving OFs around just causes a range penalty. 25.21.
4) Remember to use the Super Advanced Cutoff rules. Among other things, this means that with a runner on first, a DOUBLE (no star) results could have the lead runner try to take home and the trail runner taking third (and being thrown out if the other manager decides to concede the run). Follow those flowcharts carefully.
5) As we decided after the draft, on an injury an OK result remains (Stay in game). A REM or 1 game miss turns into "Miss current game." Miss 2-3 games turns into "out this game and the next (if in the same series)" And Miss 4+ turns into "Miss the remainder of this series." This is a slight change from what we discussed early.
5) VARIANT Proposal (post draft). Just to make things interesting I think any of the "e0" people should be assumed to have a basic error (E1) result on a 3 or 18. (About 1% per check).

I think that's all.



At 8:43 PM, March 08, 2008, Blogger Chris said...

3) I'm not completely hosed at Outfield ... moving OFs around just causes a range penalty. 25.21.

THANK GOD. Chris Snyder, keep your shin guards on, son. I don't have to go send my backup catcher to play the outfield. I have enough people to move around even if someone is sitting to cover the outfield, and the penalty doesn't hurt too much. I can even handle an injury AND another person sitting. But two injuries...things might get dicey.

So to speak.

Hey, I'm the guy who got Derrek Lee to commit 3 errors in one game. ANY statistical abberation is a possibility for me.

At 8:46 PM, March 08, 2008, Blogger Chris said...

Except for A-Rod coming through in the clutch. That's too much to ask.

At 8:54 PM, March 08, 2008, Blogger Chris said...

I'm a little hesitant to change some of the rules after the draft is over, especially the e0 becoming an esomething. Given, it would only help me if we did that, but it unfairly hurts the person who took Youklis without knowing that ahead of the draft, and it opens the door to making wp-0 and bk-0 have a small chance of screwups as well that they aren't listed as having, and that COULD hurt me.

I guess we could put it to a vote, but my vote would be to keep it as is and just say "congrats" to whoever drafted Youk.

I would instead suggest defining the "long relief requiring rest" to be the POW+2 if we were going to do that. A 6+ out requirement would make reliever (2)'s a lot less useful. I've seen plenty of times where middle relievers have pitched multiple innings in two consecutive games. I think the "2 appearances, 1 rest" is enough of a penalty to handle those people. But if anyone goes POW+2, then they should be forced to rest next game.

My two cents.

At 9:04 PM, March 08, 2008, Blogger Chris said...

Other interesting "resting players" rules:

D. If a player to be rested is the last player available rated to play a position, then he may start the game.

E. If a player is to be rested, he does not start the game. However, he may be used as a pinch-hitter, pinch-runner, a late-inning defensive replacement, or as a substitute in case injury eliminates all others who can play a position that the resting player is rated to play.

Good to know that they are still eligible to put in appearances, just like in real life. I was just putting Troy Glaus away each time he rested (which was both games I played--lazy bum: "No really, why don't you go take a couple of weeks off? You've earned it with all of your zero friggin plate appearances so far this season!")

At 10:17 PM, March 08, 2008, Blogger Brian said...

I hadn't actually noticed point E, but that makes sense.

At 10:32 AM, March 09, 2008, Blogger Brian said...

The "e nothing becoming an e something" just appeals to my sense of justice. It's pretty minor. I wasn't thinking off applying it to WP/Balk/Etc, because those are 5% jumps, whereas the "e0 errors on an 188" is a 0.5% shot. (Assuming you've got to the WP/X check).

Changing it to the POW + 2 is fine (saying if you enter your POW + 2 inning, not finish it ... so a 1 reliever going 7+ outs or a (2) reliever going 10+).

I'm the guy with 12 pitchers, I don't mind if the rules we decided on force people to reach deeply into their bullpen. But the rules we discussed look (to me) like a mis-reading.

At 5:10 PM, March 09, 2008, Blogger Chris said...

Wow, the steal and pickoff system with getting leads and all is fantastically complicated. I love it! I wonder just how many steals we're going to be seeing in this game since you have to get leads and such, and you CAN get picked off! You can even have DELAYED steals of home!!! And FINALLY, no longer does having a crappy out-of-position player at the plate for the catcher make it an easy steal of home. Dennis, you know what game last year I'm talking about. ;)

I can't wait to see a steal using the Super Advanced Rules! This is going to be a blast!

At 2:58 AM, March 10, 2008, Blogger Michael said...

I know I have a vested interest, but I agree with Chris about changing the rules after the draft.

At 4:49 PM, March 13, 2008, Blogger Brian said...

Just FYI, the Supplemental Stealing system is optional (only if both managers agree) according to the rules that we set forth.

I'd probably play with it (after reading up on it again), just to learn it.

Also, people with the Cardboard Error Charts, there are a few typos. I believe the LF/RF E4 rating shows a two base error on 13, instead of 3. The Star fan forums have more details.


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