Sunday, January 13, 2008

Enter The Dragon - Monday January 14th Planning

Anyone going to make it tomorrow? I once again will make it in about 6ish, which is computer geek speak for 6:30 (at least the last few weeks). I'll bring my usual assortment of games, including Power Grid, Tongiaki, and Race for the Galaxy (are there other games besides Race?). Comment if you're coming so we can look for you, and also comment if you're interested in meeting folks who are available earlier.

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At 11:02 PM, January 13, 2008, Blogger Rob said...

When I saw the title I was expecting someone to talk about In the Year of the Dragon.... I forget that I was (am) one of the few new euro junkies of the group.... plus the XBOX and Race for the galaxy have taken possession of SABG.

BTW, HIGHLY recommended if looking for a good new euro.

At 11:42 PM, January 13, 2008, Blogger Al said...

I'm planning to come by about 6 or 6:30. I'll play almost any game that the consensus agrees to. I'll bring Junta just to taunt people.

At 8:25 AM, January 14, 2008, Blogger Ben said...

I actually watched Enter the Dragon via Tivo yesterday. Great flick!

I'm in questionable status for this evening. I have a class at 1715 and won't make it there until at least 1830 (great game, btw).

My goal today is to progress further in Mass Effect, while getting back up to speed on the Combat Commander rules. Oh, and I'm going to read the 2007 Superman and Batman vs. Aliens and Predator comic series. What, no Terminator???

Speaking of which, anyone watch Sarah Connor?

At 10:21 AM, January 14, 2008, Blogger Tiffany said...

I think i am gonna have to pass tonight, but who knows. But to be safe I am gonna say that i am a no for tonight.

At 5:15 PM, January 14, 2008, Blogger Brian said...

I might make it, but it's a game time decision.

At 12:54 PM, January 15, 2008, Blogger seanp said...

Race For the Galaxy made another clean sweep of Monday night... Brian and I did the two player, and Al showed up around 7:30 and we played a few more three player games.

I've watched the first hour of the two-hour pilot... Tivo holds the second half. I'm cautiously optimistic at the moment - it's hard to tell too much from the pilot, since they have so much introduction work to do. There's an interesting article over on io9 (a new sci-fi blog) about the differences between the internet-available pilot and the one that aired over the network -


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