Monday, November 05, 2007

Mon Night Session Report

While the main troops were engaged at DL, Kirk and I got in a CC:E skirmish of his own design. Meredith had a meeting, and that gave me the chance to paradrop behind enemy lines to try to secure a bridge before the main tank columns arrived. I sent in high quality US troops. Since it was behind the lines, the Germans used green recruits to defend the location.

While I had superior forces, the clock was against me. If I didn't get my objectives accomplished quickly, the efforts would be wasted; time was of the essence. My forces landed in disarray and I took some casualties during the deployment. I was able to capture some lightly defended locations and bring my forces into orderly formations quickly, but then the battle stagnated into three somewhat independent fire-fights for three different objectives: two buildings and the crucial bridge.

Going into the end game, time began slipping away while I didn't seem to make much headway. I was eroding the defenders, but it didn't seem fast enough. I made a risky and dumb assault which failed utterly, but led me to rethink my targetting tactics. With time running desperately low, I finally eliminated the defenders on the bridge. The green Germans, seeing their appalling losses, surrendered.

I've now gotten in several games, and I enjoy this game a lot. I especially like the feeling that the world doesn't end at th edge of the map. You can have snipers and other things coming at you from all over.

Finally, Kirk mentioned that the build-your-adventure works really well. The battles are mostly tactical encounters, but Kirk find that buying units adds a deeper strategic level. I'm intrigued, and I plan to read up on those rules next.

What else got played Mon night?



At 11:35 PM, November 05, 2007, Blogger Schifani said...

"What else got played Mon night?"

Guitar Hero III till my arm gave out.

At 11:44 PM, November 05, 2007, Blogger Dennis Ugolini said...

Race for the Galaxy may have been played once or twice.

At 5:32 AM, November 06, 2007, Blogger Ben said...

I'm hoping Santa brings me an X-Box 360 so I can see what all the fuss is about.

Today I'm planning on playing, "Where the heck is the UPS man with my Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage box?"

The two RftG games I played with the official rules were great fun. Perhaps more will get played tonight...

At 8:12 AM, November 06, 2007, Blogger Brian said...

Well, I finally played a published version of Race for the Galaxy (twice). The game apparently saw much play during the afternoon. Jose said that they played many times.

Race is one of the rare games that I'm willing to play again and again. Just break open a copy and play for two hours.

We also played two more games of Kutschfahrt, and had an interesting six player game where only three associations were shown, but that was enough for everyone to deduce the relevant teams because of later play.

What were you thinking? was fine, and then Sean crushed us in Modern Art.

At 7:02 AM, November 07, 2007, Blogger Ted Kostek said...

I have posted a different version of this session report on BGG.


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