Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Dodgers-Mets 1 Game Playoff

Bottom of the 4th, Dodgers and Mets tied at one. In the Top of the 4th Pedro Martinez beaned Repko, sending him out of the game....

  • First pitch, Lo Duca gets beaned by Derek Lowe.
  • Ramon Castro pinch runs, as Lo Duca looks groggy.
  • Endy Chavez reaches on an error.
  • Jose Valentine pops out to 2nd.
  • Shawn Green reaches on another error.
  • Pedro, up to bat with the bases loaded, lays down a perfect squeeze bunt that not only scores Castro, Pedro beats out the throw!
  • Lowe walks Reyes (scoring Chavez)
  • ... then walks Wright (scoring Green)
  • ... then beans Beltron (scoring Pedro)
  • ... then walks Delgado (scoring Reyes)
  • ... before mercifully striking out Castro and getting Chavez to pop into shallow right.
Why, we've got a full blown case of Derek Lowe Face! I do feel bad for Derek (and Chris) in that he'd never be in that situation except for two errors. (If those had been outs, the exact same sequence would be Pedro whiffs, walk, walk, HBP, out, out).

Pedro makes it through 8 2/3rds before Reyes muffs the final out, allowing Martin to reach. Then pedro issues his 2nd walk of the game, followed by 2 hits. At this point he gets yanked to give Chad Bradford the ball -- strikeout, game.

Fun Facts

There were 5 beanballs in the game (4 injuries). The Dodgers put 17 players onto the field. Of the nine runs scored in the game, seven were unearned. Delgado continues to be ice cold, with no hits (one walk during the horrific sequence above) and a DP. At least Reyes continues his hot streak .. (reaching four out of five with a BB, 1B, 2B and 3B).

Next up the Mets face the Cards in the final NL playoff game.



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