Saturday, October 27, 2007

BL, new gamer

I got together today with a guy from work to play BattleLore. He recently moved to San Antonio, and I think he's a potential new member. He's an engineer, making him a great candidate, but he said he hasn't played a lot of board games in the past.

I got BattleLore all set-up before he arrived. When he arrived I explained the rules, then we played a battle. I picked the simplest scenario that includes Lore since I think Lore adds a lot. With all the little special rules, BattleLore can be a bit overwhelming at first, but by the end William was getting things figured out. It was a great game, with some good maneuvering on both sides. I won a close victory.

It was a good learning game, and William is well on his way to becoming a tough opponent.

I'm going to continue working to recruit William, and I think he may become a regular. Time will tell

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At 9:00 PM, October 27, 2007, Blogger Carlos said...

I personally feel that there are lots of potential gamers out there. I think that most people just get visions of "Clue", "Monopoly", "Sorry", and if they feel really heavy "Risk". When people see our games they are usually surprised and many times drawn in. I hope that William does take to what you showed him.

"..But I say wake up and look around. The fields are ripe for harvest." John 4:35


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