Tuesday, May 01, 2007

4/30 session rep

SABG is alive and well. Steve, then Sean and now Chris. Welcome to the group Chris! Any more out there? Just drop a line to the email listed above.

So yesterday was another one of those classic SABG Monday nights that we had not had in a while (thanks in part to the Saturday subgroup... wait a minute...I'm forming part of that group now too....) Anyway, we had a VERY strong showing.

Ben and I met around 10:30am. We were setting up for Aton, my favorite quick 2 player abstract at the moment (probably along the lines of Rosenkonig), when Jon walked in to interrupt us. So then us 3 started things with Struggle For Rome (catan). This game caught me my surprise. It's got legs. I thought it was just going to be another simple Catan variant, but there's some depth to it. Would definitively try again soon.

I had to leave to take care of a few things at home (selling + buying a home = big headache), while Michael, Chris, Ben and Steve played Stage II (Jon had to leave too). Ben called me at home to warn me about this, so I decided to stall by playing some Supreme Commander on my PC. When I returned to DL, they had just finished that great game.

After this, we stuck to classics: 5 player Puerto Rico (Ben lost his PR virginity to Michael who trounced us all....I was second!), To Court the King, High Society, Ra, RoboRally....

I also tried Oltre Mare with Jeff, Amy and Al. The interaction with the cards took me a while to get used to, but it was very interesting and different. It's yet another trading game in the Mediterranean, that's mainly a 'multi-use card' card game with a board game on the side.

Some more Stage II was played, as well as Celebrities with Michael's 'flawed' kit: timer that needs to be reset every round, no bag to pull the names out of, etc.



At 10:52 AM, May 01, 2007, Blogger Jeff said...

"Ben lost his PR virginity to Michael who trounced us all"

Rats. I wanted to be around for that.

Rob forgot to mention that we got in a six-player game of RoboRally after Oltre Mare. One board, two flags, surprisingly little bumping, pushing and lasering. We did manage to shoot Sean enough to make his head asplode. Maybe Rob didn't actually forget that we played RR, but was just politely not mentioning a game that he won. I was one phase away from a come-from-behind win when Rob's robot richocheted off a wall for the win. Meanwhile, the rest of the horde played Glory to Rome.

At 11:57 AM, May 01, 2007, Blogger Rob said...

Me? Polite about my oh-so-painfully-few victories?! I must have had a stroke or something.

Yeah, I did mention RoboRally, but was getting tired of typing, so I just bunched it up with the rest of the other classics that we played.

At 12:39 PM, May 01, 2007, Blogger seanp said...

I had a great time again last night, in spite of Phase 2, or whatever that damn trivia game was. The only reason I wound up positive was because I guessed the theme of "famous aunts" with only two clues... who knows how that connection was made. I got sucked into the Celebrities game, which was better than anticipated, but still not one I'd play regularly. Then I "won" starting player by choice of Shocking Roullete, and talked some folks into teaching me Robo Rally. Boy, did they teach me... by the second turn I pretty much had to roll myself off a cliff to try and regain some life points, and spent the rest of the game spinning in circles. "I don't know how to turn right!" Then I finished up the night with two games of Glory to Rome, which I lost quite spectacularly, but did get to threaten everyone with the "finish this building and the game ends" card, which suits my personality just fine.

At 2:58 PM, May 01, 2007, Blogger Michael said...

In my opinion, this was one of the best game day/nights we have had in a while. Those soul crushing "real" games are great and all but I find it much more enjoyable if there is something to break up the monotony. Getting in a game of Celebrities and two games of Stage II (sorry for screwing you on that Ben it really was just an unthinking accident) made everything else much more relaxing.

In all fairness to my kit, I don't want to cannibalize my Ra for a bag and I arrived too late on the saboardgamers scene to aquire one of the christmas bags so unless I take up sewing... Also that timer was the only timer Target had when I assembled the kit and it was imperative that I got the timer immediately that day.

"Raymond Brrr...?"
"Not that BATMAN!!!!"

Can Puerto Rico supply those types of moments? I don't think so.

The Clue weapons and famous Aunts guess back to back made me think Stage II was as rigged as the fifth grader show.

Glory to Rome was pretty interesting. I would be interested to see how it plays minus the catacombs and forum.

At 7:06 PM, May 01, 2007, Blogger Ben said...

From Puerto Rico virgin to Puerto Rico slut... that's me! I've played about ten times since yesterday on the computer. What an interesting game!

Sounds like I left the game session too early. Hopefully I'll get to meet Sean someday. I was great to see folks I hadn't seen in a while.

At 9:57 PM, May 01, 2007, Blogger Rob said...

Don't worry Sean, you'll have better game nights (and I mean victory-wise...fun-wise? it's always fun). The norm for me is the kind of night you had.


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