Thursday, April 26, 2007

BattleLore News

I just found this. It's about a week old, so it might be old news to some.

Wow! I didn't realize these guys had such an ambitious plan for BL. They are clearly planning to have an entire 'universe', and it seems like they have the wherewithal to pull it off, too.

If everything turns out as great as the base game has, this should be amazing!



At 2:06 PM, April 26, 2007, Blogger Ben said...

Heroes of BattleLore.... I was wondering how long it would take to port over the concept of Leaders from C&C: Ancients. Although they just discussed it as a conceptual example, I had to wipe away a spot of drool when they mentioned Lord of the Rings in the same sentence as BattleLore.

At 4:09 PM, April 26, 2007, Blogger Rob said...

Yeah yeah, old news bud (to an obsessed guy like me who reads everyday).

Very exciting nonetheless!


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