Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I Regret I Have but One Auto-Victory to Give for My Country

So... I've been officially bounced to the losers bracket World Board Gaming Championship PBEM Tourney of Washington's War after one turn. Yes, its ugly and true.

I led the valiant American Army, commanded by George Washington into upstate New York to meet any incursion by Cornwallis and a sizable force of British regulars. We clashed in an epic battle near Albany, and the British were sent scurrying back to Oswego. Hooray! The French government applauded quietly across the Atlantic and began preparations to join the party.

However, then bad things began to happen. First a large scale Iroquois rebellion sprang up behind me, removing American control of most of upstate New York. Then, while I was getting ready to bed down for the winter (i.e., I was out of cards), British General Howe struck out from Boston, sneaking past the smaller American rear guard under Greene (missed the intercept roll) and hit Washington's army from the rear. Washington was then sandwiched between Cornwallis and Howe, with no retreat possible. To seal my fate, I rolled a "1" for my combat roll. Argh! Washington and the entire American army surrenders. Game over.

I actually conceded rather than suffered an auto-victory, technically, but AV was going to happen within a turn or so. Many tears shed.

Anyway.... all that said, it was still a wonderful game. I can't wait to play again. On to the loser's bracket!



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