Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Upcoming games. I want them.

1) Alea Expansion

Now we have all, maybe not all, but we have discussed the Alea expansion box.

1. New buildings for Puerto Rico
2. New buildings for San Juan
3. A new 'gimmick' for both San Juan and Puerto Rico
4. Nine new cards for Notre Dame
5. A small set of new events for In the Year of the Dragon
6. Building the Chinese wall for In the Year of the Dragon
7. Material for a 6th player in Witch's Brew
8. 'Magic abilities' for Witch's Brew
9. Amulets for Witch's Brew. For a more exciting game with less players.
10. A new table for Louis XIV

Alea Expansion of Wonderful

2) Agricola

There is also a Agricola expansion being released at Essen.

"Agricola - Die Moorbauern

First expansion for Agricola by Lookout Games.
New actions, new special cards, new type of animal.

In short: You start with some forest and marsh chits on your board. You need to remove them to use the space, but you get stuff for it. There are special actions that help you remove the tiles and receive the extra stuff, among which there is a new type of resource you need to pay each harvest (heat markers for your rooms). That's the basic idea. There are a lot of new improvements and a new type of animal - horses."

3) Did you know Agricola and Le Havre are part of a trilogy? I didn't. The last one is out at Essen.

At the Gates of Loyang

4) Dominion: Intrigue is out this summer. And the Seaside expansion, which is still mysterious, is set for an Essen release.

Discuss. :)


At 2:03 PM, June 09, 2009, Blogger Rob said...

I'm personally interested in the Alea expansion box (I own IYotD, NT, Puerto Rico, and Witch's brew was fun but not great...I might pick it up if the expansion makes it better).

I didn't turn out to be a huge fan of Le Havre. I prefer the 'tightness' (both in strategies and time) of Agricola, so I'm catiously optimistic about the third game in the trilogy.

The Agricola expansion sounds very very intriguing, although I still don't feel like I've explored the basic game completely. I've played tons of E games, but only 2 I games, and 2 K games.

Now I'm REALLY looking forward to Automobile (which I should be getting in the mail this week), Steam, Snow Tails (one of the coolest racing games I've tried), and of course, the Dominion and RftG expansions. On the wargaming front, I'm looking forward to the new Lock N Load stuff, and Hellenes (GMT).

(just warming up.... trying to get used to routinely typing up my meaningless thoughts here again)

At 2:13 PM, June 09, 2009, Blogger Tiffany said...

I think we started mixing the Agricola decks from the get go. We have played with the four seasons post card. And while I have the X deck I have not yet convinced anyone to play it with me. But that I have sleeved maybe I can do the translations for that. It might be easier. With 40 something plays (I think at least, I need to check my logs) this expansion has some potential.

I am still undecided on if I was the Lost Cities Board Game.

The jury is still out on if I want Cavum as well. Kiesling and Kramer is usually good.

But those are games already out. I am also excited about the new games. And since I am attending BGG.com, there is a chance that I can pick some of this stuff up!

At 2:48 PM, June 09, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll definitely get the Alea expansion box if Rio Grande puts it out in English:

Availability in English

I know several people that would have no problem with the German version (I'm not sure how many items in the expansion are language dependent, but I'll bet a few are (like PR stuff, and especially the instructions). I'd rather wait a while and get the English if it's in the pipeline. But with Rio Grande, it could be a while.

At 2:49 PM, June 09, 2009, Blogger Ben said...

I too am looking forward to my copy of Hellenes arriving. The RftG previews look awesome, of course.

I'm also looking forward to 1805: Sea of Glory, plus the C&C: Ancients stuff.

Oh... and Heroscape Wave 9.

Hey, My Brute just hit Level 10. I really, really need a flail.

At 2:50 PM, June 09, 2009, Blogger Brian said...

Rob, when are you moving back?

I just read the review of Halls of Montezuma on BGN and it sounds good. Did anyone get that.

And, of course, the next race expansion is almost here.

At 6:53 PM, June 09, 2009, Blogger Ben said...

I have Halls of Montezuma. Unfortunately, it was delivered only partially baked, and is currently undergoing a six month, post release living rules development phase. I recommend steering clear for a while. The rules as written are pretty confusing, and somehow the backs of the two main decks were switched during printing, making the rules references to a particular deck all wrong.

Component wise, its very nice to look at, and hopefully with a few game breaking bugs fixed it will be worth taking a look at someday.

Apparently the designer/developer team's previous game, Thirty Years War, had similar issues.

Hey, so Fallout 3 has two new DLCs coming: swamp and alien invasion. Nice.

I'm feeling so deprived of quality Star Wars content, I just picked up KoTOR for the X-Box again. I hope it still holds up 5-6 years later...

Back to my IKEA assembly project...

At 8:06 PM, June 09, 2009, Blogger Rob said...

You know, I never played KOTOR 2...

and the StarWars MMO may finally be the MMO that really gets me hooked. We shall see.

I'm shooting for 7/6/09. Today I had my first estimate for moving my stuff. Ouch.

Since it looks like I have to replay Fallout 3 to play Broken Sword (?), I'm having fun doing the stuff I didn't do the first time around.... blowing up Megaton, killing seemingly important NPC's, etc.

I am waiting for the updated Fields of Fire manual...still. What's up with these half baked but awesome GMT games?

Since I recently played Napoleon's Triumph (and it had been 1.5 yrs since my last game), I've gotten excited over Guns of Gettysburg.

Oh, I recently enjoyed playing Confucius. I think some of you might enjoy it.

...end ramble...

At 8:34 PM, June 09, 2009, Blogger Ben said...

Unhappy King Charles seems to be getting universal acclaim as GMT CDG done right. Both Chris and I own copies, and I'm committed to learning it this month.

So far my brain seems to like Martin Wallace's take on Napoleonics over Simmons', though its kind of cool both are working on Gettysburg games simultaneously.

I'm probably going to dive back into Fallout 3 just to level up to 30. The alien invasion DLC sounds way too cool, and I want to be ready for it.

At 8:52 PM, June 09, 2009, Blogger Brian said...

Thirty Years Ear was indeed atrocious, and was instrumental in seriously curtailing my P500 purchases. I've been wanting to try Unhappy King Charles as well.

At 8:59 PM, June 09, 2009, Blogger Ben said...

I just watched the KoTOR MMO trailer from E3. Wow! If only Lucas would make movies that good...

At 10:30 PM, June 09, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thirty Years Ear is actually a very serious medical condition. I can imagine it would make one want to curtail many purchases.

You can trust me. I'm a doctor.

At 10:33 PM, June 09, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

BTW, don't forget to work on your lists! End of June is not too far away.
(Still working on mine)


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