Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday Gaming

While the portion that I attended does not exactly count as marathon it was still fun. I must start my adventure with the beginning -- driving. I have been avoiding Bandera road as much as possible. Especially where Bandera intersects 410. But I had heard on the news or radio or somewhere that the Bandera/410 entrance ramp project had been completed. And so I drove that way. And it was kinda cool -- entering the ramp on the left well before Wurzbach. And entering 410 right before the Babcock Callahagn exit. Weird. But kinda cool. Not so cool that i will go out of my way to do it again. But that was the driving entrance ramp game. Oddly enough, there is not an entry for that on BGG. Sadness is not being able to log a game that you played.

But I arrived to see Scott and Travis getting ready to play Acquire. And a very cute baby (Ezra I believe) watching the couch with the intent fascination of a 3 month old. Katy joins us for the game of Acquire and we are off on the first game of the day. Travis and Katy had not played before. I learned from my first play that you need to be in on the first merger. And I was. I ended up in on almost all of the mergers. Surprisingly I ended up winning, but Scott is correct, I think, in his assessment that if he had waited on the large merger I would have suffered more due to lack of money and he would have won the game. But it was fun. I like actually improving at a game. For once.

While we were finishing up Acquire we had a few new arrival, Al and Pat, and then there were six. So the ladies split off into a game of Agricola while the guys played Kremlin. We have been playing with just the E decks on Monday nights, but since both ladies had played a few times, i decided to mix it up and we played with all decks. I managed to get an early third person which helped as I build my purple pumpkin kingdom. Though the place a field on the current count plus 4/7 and veg on the current round plus 4/7 helped a lot in allowing me to get the resources that I needed for other things.

Then I left for work. Which I do not wish to speak of. I think they were getting ready to play Vegas show down when I left, this is a game that I believe neither Pat not Scott had played, so it was a day of learning games. Which is fun :)


At 10:28 AM, May 26, 2009, Blogger Brian said...

I didn't get to play any games, but my brute can now deep fry a snickers bar. At least, that's what I assume Desert Batterer means.

At 1:17 PM, May 26, 2009, Blogger pat said...

Gaming at Travis & Katy's house: good games, good food, gracious hosts.Adorable baby and silly dog:) Played Vegas and a card game called Boomtown (I think that's the name). Both were fun but favorite is still agricola

At 7:07 PM, May 27, 2009, Blogger Travis and Katy said...

Yes, and although Boomtown was fun; in both games, the Governor won! Thanks for coming out, we had fun.


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