Sunday, June 07, 2009

Monday Planning

Sunday means Monday planning. Let's do it. As far as I know at this point, I'm in at the usual time.

And since the Second Most Interesting Man in the World is traveling to exotic locales for the next few weeks, I thought I would post this when I ran across it today:
The Most Interesting Pitchmen in the World.

Plus, we always need more embedded videos. Watch for the line about the beard.



At 10:49 AM, June 07, 2009, Blogger Tiffany said...

I should be around. Usual time. Usual mix of games. Unless I finish learning rules tonight.

Hanging Gardens of Hermagor. Which sounds more like something I could get to the table?

Need to play my new games so I can have a fair ranking.

At 1:45 PM, June 07, 2009, Blogger Dennis Ugolini said...

I'll be there with a guest around 5:30-6pm.

At 1:57 PM, June 07, 2009, Blogger pat said...

I will bring cookies

At 2:49 PM, June 07, 2009, Blogger scott said...

Barring any surprises at work I should be there before 5:30.

At 5:05 PM, June 07, 2009, Blogger Brian said...

I will be there

At 10:52 PM, June 08, 2009, Blogger Schifani said...

ok, bothered by the uncertainty of where the phantom small world 3 chip came from, I had to count it out.

Turn 1: Start with 5 points, gave up 2 to get wizards who scored 12 (7 for free +1 normal area + 2 magic areas). End of turn 15 points.

Turn 2: Kept wizards, lost one magic area to Dennis, got one new magic spot + 1 other area. Score 6 for 21 total.

Turn 3: Declined, had 4 areas, 25 total.

Turn 4: Merchant Orcs with 2 free points, got 3 new occupied aread for 9 points + 4 declined wizards = 13. 13 + 2 = 15 for 40 total.

Turn 5: Attacked rats for 2 new occupied areas, +6, + already held merchant area for two more, + 3 leftover wizards (I think tritons took one). 51 total.

Turn 6: Spread orcs out to 5 areas + 3 wizards. 64 total.

Turn 7: Declined orcs who only held 3 areas by now. 67 total.

Turn 8: Scored +4 for people passing over farmers, they got two farms for +4, +1 for fortified, +2 last orcs for +11. 78 total.

Dennis, the 1 on the floor must have been mine.

At 2:38 PM, June 09, 2009, Blogger Chris said...

Given where it was on the floor, that's a pretty reasonable assumption. I can't really see how one of those chips got over there unless it came from your supply. It was really a good game. I fear we're playing the game to death and at some point will all violently reject it, but so be it. It's fun while it lasts.

It was great to have John, Dennis' guest, show up. Believe it or not, I counted 13 people at Monday night's gaming:

John (Dennis' guest)
The gentleman in the yellow shirt who introduced himself to me a few weeks ago and who I didn't get to say hello to this time...someone please remind me of his name!

As Ben mentioned, 13 is "healthy." Granted, we're not going to get 13 every time, but it was a good night with the conglomerate split between four (!) tables.
Games played included:
Small World
Colossal Arena
Stage II
Win, Place, Show
1960: Making of the President
Settlers of Catan

I know I missed some here. Overall as good of a night as we've had in recent memory, especially with a lot of people staying well past 9:30 (when I left).

Lurkers, you're always welcome to come up to the tables as we play. We'll be happy to invite you into the games. Just show up, Dragon's Lair on Fredricksburg, Monday evenings starting at about 5pm.

At 2:58 PM, June 09, 2009, Blogger Chris said...

Oh, thanks to Dennis for informing me of the difference between one of the Titan: The Arena ending conditions (finish all legal plays) and one of the Colossal Arena ending conditions (empty the draw pile). Titan: The Arena was a bit before my time (in terms of my experience with board gaming), but I like the chaos of the Titan: The Arena ending better and will use that in the future.

At 6:02 PM, June 09, 2009, Blogger Michael said...

Wow, that turnout hearkens back to some of our early monday sessions.

When I get back I should start trying to come again.

(I haven't left yet)


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