Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jump on the Bus!

I am looking at placing an order through; they offer free shipping over $100.00 and I think their prices are amongst the lowest I've found. If you are feeling the itch, check out their site and let me know if you need anything; I will hold off for a couple of days. I noticed that they are selling Leonardo Da Vinci for $12.99. I am looking at buying Small World; it looks like a light retool of Vinci. Here is a comparison thread between the two. I'm trying to grab a couple of things that we can play when my daughter arrives this summer. Any suggestions for a 13 y.o. Diva would be appreciated (she likes the fantasy genre).


At 1:52 AM, April 26, 2009, Blogger Tiffany said...

I might be in for some stuff. How long until you place the order?

At 2:41 PM, April 26, 2009, Blogger Travis said...

I'll wait at least until wednesday

At 8:31 AM, April 27, 2009, Blogger seanp said...

In! I want to order Powerboats.

At 6:59 PM, April 29, 2009, Blogger Travis said...

I will wait to hear from you Tiffany.


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