Monday, February 23, 2009

Star Wars project

This weekend I bought a Boba Fett to use as an Aerial Hero for my Hordes of the Things Hut army. My eligibility for the Nerd Hall of Fame is now firmly established.


At 8:51 PM, February 23, 2009, Blogger Ben said...

Nice! Now you need to buy a few of the SW Minis AT-AT walkers! Just don't let us catch you with the Princess Leia in a Jabba slave bikini figurine.

At 11:14 PM, February 23, 2009, Blogger Schifani said...

I did get two of the smaller walkers, and they just fit my table squares. Jon is (wisely) concentrating on matching sets of separatists and the republic, while I've got parts of everything. There's a lot of nice stuff in the Star Wars Miniatures line, and part of the fun is sifting through eBay looking for a) models you like and b) bargains on those models. Wait till you see what I've done with the rebel snowspeeders.


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