Sunday, February 22, 2009

Le Havre and Dominion:Intrigue

So i was taking a break and trying to decide where to order Le Havre from. Since its on "pre-order" for the new printing. :) Thought Hammer has it for sure. Boards and Bits will be getting some, but they arent sure when they will list them. I emailed them to find out about it and this is what I got back.

We will actually have some copies in early March that we are bringing over from Germany. Most likely they will be a bit more expensive that the copies we can get directly from US distributors, but I don't have a price yet, which is why I have not listed it. As soon as I know all of the shipping costs, I will post it.

Or debating if I want to get Cavum instead. And I ran across this little interesting pre order thing on thought hammer.

Dominion: Intrigue. A stand alone expansion that can be combined with the base game.

Except its not on BGG or the RGG game webpage. So yeah.

This is what Jay from RGG says - quotes from some thread on BGG

Re: Two expansions officiallly announced - Intrigue and Seaside
Intrigue will have rules for playing with more than 4, which is one reason that it has "all" 500 cards instead of just new Kingdom cards. Thus, it will have the same MSRP as the original ($44.95). Based on where we are in the process, I expect it to be released in May.

Seaside, although not completely finalized, will like add only Kingdom cards (around 25, but the final total is not yet known. I expect the total number of cards to be 300 and I hope to include more blank cards - perhaps 2 complete sets, for those who want to create their own cards to play with. We do not have final pricing for this expansion and will announce that when we know more. Although it is a bit early to be able to announce a release date, I am hoping to release this expansion before the end of the year.



At 3:30 PM, February 23, 2009, Blogger seanp said...

So if you didn't want to play Dominion with larger groups of people, you could just buy the Kingdoms expansion?


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