Monday, August 11, 2008

A vistor Monday

I met a man in Dragon's Lair today who told me he is trying to set up a gaming club like yours in Brazil. I hope it's OK, but I invited him to come by on Monday for advice on which games he should spend his limited luggage space on, and maybe advice on how to mail games into Brazil despite their high taxation on foreign publications. He seemed sincere, and not like a game smuggler ;) His name is Hardy, if you want to be nice, you can keep an eye out for him in case he gets there before I do.



At 5:36 AM, August 13, 2008, Blogger Hardy said...

Hey Guys.
I'm Hardy, the guy Alvin told about. My job in the city never allowed me to get to know you. Sorry about that!

Next time, I'll include a visit to you in my schedule!

thanks Alvin!


Hardy (the guy from Brazil)


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