Sunday, August 24, 2008

An escape from the daily grind....

So I finished my exam. So its not turned in. But I finished the draft. And now begin revisions. This is a major step forward. So of course, I decided that I deserved some board gaming. Rationalization? Me? Never. I arrive only slightly late, instead of the usual 30 minutes late, to see Chris, Ben and Steve setting up a game of Star Wars Risk. They begin placing their forces down on the interplanetary board (when I read the books, I mean I knew there were a lot of planets, but some of those places I don't remember. I guess my memory is failing. Less room for the star wars universe as science gets assimilated) and Dennis and I talked some about his tenure box, and my exam, and funding in our respective fields. And we watched Mr. Black take an excessive interest in my Mr. Darcy scented game bag. (When I got home, Mr. Darcy took an excessive interest in my now Mr. Black smelling game bag). The band arrived, and somehow I got to the be bass player. I will NOT be leaving my fay job got a career in rock. After about 3 epic fails on my part I got down the button pushing and strumming (thats the important bit, you see) and we played some songs. And I didn't fail any longer.

Risk finished and the band was reunited, leaving me out of a job, but then again I knew I was a temp hire anyways,and Ben, Chris and I to play Agricola. I doubled my last game score, which is good. I learned a few things from playing solo. I still don't have the Agricola machine down yet, but things are getting better.

Post Agricola things with the band were winding down, and we were left to play Pacific Typhoon. Michael sat this one out, as he crashed and burned, the rock star life style far too much for him to take, though he did make a valiant effort, and I was introduced to the work of combat in the pacific theater. I.....I..... so they were nice, and started out with an entirely card driven game. No chits and bits and pieces and tanks and soldiers and things. And i suppose as rules go, it was fairly straight forward.

Select 1 of 3 battle scenarios
Pick Day or Night
Pick Air, Surface or Sub or Combination

Begin the battle.

I am still not sure if I *liked* it.

But I think I can now say that i played a 'war game'....sorta.

Mk, back to work for me. I just wanted to toss a session report up before things got lost in Monday planning. And I like writing session reports. :)

Thanks again for hosting, Chris, as always, it was fun. Even if it was Sunday and out of the natural order of things SABG and gaming.


At 10:33 PM, August 24, 2008, Blogger Carlos said...

Hey! That report was fun. Would like to have been there. You know, I have never played Rock Band...need to try this some time.

Perhaps now that the Summer is over and the kids are back in school, I may be able to attend some more gaming or even host myself like in the old days. Until, then!

At 10:52 PM, August 24, 2008, Blogger Ben said...

Good report as well. Its fun reading two different versions of how things went down.


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