Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mets @ A's (Week 6)

"...and we're back for the second game in our double header. The As won the opener 5-3, in an ugly game full of headhunting. In fact, we've just received word that the Mets are formally requesting that the A's starter be reprimanded. You'll remember that in the fourth he hit Shawn Green and Paul LoDuca with back to back pitches, sending both to the bench."

"Good luck getting that fine past the union rep."

"The Mets did hit Payton earlier in the first, though ... so it's a tough call."

"The story for tonights game ... the Mets Lineup. Because of Shawn Green sitting out nearly half the season because of contract negotiations, the Mets were already scrambling ... but having to use LoDuca and their backup catcher means that nobody is available to play catcher. So Lastings Milledge is putting on unfamiliar pads. Steven Trachsel, the expected starter, is resting as well, and the ball is being handed to John Maine. Also appearing are Eric Chavez, Aaron Hernandez and Cliff Floyd. Looks like the Mets figure its best to lose an interleague game rather than one later on."

"Really, we joke about Quadruple A, but this team barely qualifies as AAA. They do have the core of the order, with Reyes, Wright, Delgado, and Green. But players are all out of position. Anyway, here we go ... Reyes is up for the Mets and he jacks it out of the park! A nice start for the Mets."

"Now in the bottom of the first, John Maine walks Swisher, then gives up a single to Payton. Kendall flies out at in deep center ... he just doesn't have the power to reach the wall [1]. Frank Thomas takes a patient walk ... bases loaded with one out. Scutaro lines out to third, and then Kotsay hits a one hopper to shortstop, to let Main Escape."


"Top of the Seventh .... Mets still lead 1-0. After the first inning both pitcher settled down. A few runners got on base, but nothing ever came of it. Now the Mets threatening with runners on first and third, one out ... and Cliff Floyd hits a deep ball to Center ... and it's gone! That will drive Loiaza from the mound ...."

"Bottom of the ninth. Mets are up 11-0, as the A's bullpen gets pounded. But everyone's sticking around to see if John Maine can deliver the shutout."

"First up, Marc Ellis .... a strong fly to left field, but Cliff Floyd is sitting under it. One out. Next up is Brian Kielty ... he takes a strike, then drives it straight back to Maine, who gets a glove on the ball and bats it down. An easy throw to first .... the crowd is on it's feet, cheering for Maine..."

"At this point the game is a laugher, but seeing a shutout is something special. Final batter, Crosby. Ball one. A nice curve for strike one. And .... ooh, he got all of that. A solo shot for Crosby to break up the shutout. Maine went 8 2/3rds ... oh so close. Now here's swisher, who hits it straight to Valentin at second (replacing the unknown Hernandez who pulled up short trying to beat out a throw to first base in the 5th [2]. John Maine gets the complete game win, putting this team of misfits on his shoulder and carrying them to the split."

"Maine's #s. 9 IP, 6 Hits, 1 run. 4 Walks, 4 Ks, 37 Batters faced."

[1] Kendall got N-HR twice, but he's weak. He also, as in this at bat, missed a HR split.

[2] Hernandez has literally one good roll against a RHP, but not only did he manage to not get a hit, he get a running injury. Amazing. For those keeping score at home, there were five injuries in this series.

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At 7:11 AM, August 29, 2007, Blogger Jeff said...

Brilliant. Well done, Brian.


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