Thursday, May 11, 2006

Boardgaming/RPG crossover

While reading the previous post, I said to my self: "Self, bring Battlestations! monday night." It's a board game, but one of those semi-cooperative types. This was one of my "I just moved, yeah!" purchases, but it's languished in the closet. Now that we exist, though...

I may as well come out of the closet. I've LARPed.

Of course, that means different things to different people. For some, foam swords or fantasy settings. That's not for me. I'm more "Interactive Literature" or ILF. Weekend long games, non-fantasy. I particularly remember "Masks," "Nursery Crimes" (which had a great premise, but a blizzard cost us 75% of the attendees) and even Vampire (what is now the Camarilla) . I missed some great games ("Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee," "Cafe Casablanca", "Starship Edsel," among others). And I've played in a few puzzle/roleplaying/haggle crossovers. (One of which had art courtesy of Doris Matthaus) .

I've even written & run a large game. Ah, to be a student and blow off a semester or two.

Anyway, tomorrow night is gaming!


At 9:29 AM, May 12, 2006, Blogger Kendahl said...

How can you play these and then pass up the opportunity to play Werewolf? Doesn't Werewolf fall in the same category??

At 10:42 AM, May 12, 2006, Blogger Ben said...

I'd be up for giving Battlestations a try.

At 1:41 PM, May 12, 2006, Blogger Simon said...



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