Sunday, May 07, 2006

Christmas in May!

War of the Ring: Battles of the Third Age is shipping this week! I preordered this game back in November 2005, taking advantage of a great holiday sale by an on-line retailer. Since then I checked the shipping status on this sucker countless times, seeing the delivery date, originally December, move continually further out into the future. Tied up with this pre-order is whole pile of games I ordered, originally hoping to have by the Christmas holiday. Throwing caution to the wind, I now officially have my hopes up that Santa Claus is finally about to come.


At 11:43 AM, May 07, 2006, Blogger Simon said...

I'll believe it when I see it!

("xqpqcydg" was my verification!)

At 12:57 PM, May 07, 2006, Blogger Rob said...

I'm intrigued... it may pop up in my wishlist after seeing it.

At 2:35 AM, May 08, 2006, Blogger Michael said...

Thw verification words are getting harder. I think I remember like 5 letter words, now its just getting ridiculous.

qjabizzx right back at you

At 5:06 AM, May 08, 2006, Blogger Amy said...

Ben, it's good to hear Santa's finally on his way! That's got to be terribly frustrating!

Actually, the real reason I'm posting is because my word verification is only 5 letters! Ha! oradc!


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