Thursday, October 28, 2010

Getting the band back together

... this needs to happen. While the Pro Guitars aren't here yet, I've got a keytar, Rob has drums, we have about a zillionty-eight other instruments, and Michael has every song ever put in the Rock Band Store (that he likes). A veritable plethora.

So ... band. Back together. ASAP. Some thoughts

Expert Drums -- Aidan wants to get this. I suspect that's enough of a reason to get it. I don't think I'm ever going to spend much time on the drums, but they aren't expensive.

Songs -- Low Rider ... classic song. Boring as hell (guitar). Ditto Werewolves of London (keyboards). I suspect I've never heard of (or actively dislike) about 1/3rd of the songs, which is pretty typical, but the high points. Roundabout on piano? Oh hells yes. I've got to see what it's like on expert (no fail, obviously) but it kicked me off on medium without much thought. Be sure to connect to the RB store to get the free Doors pack (which may be a limited time, I've no idea).

Keytar -- It's hard to read the notes at speed, and I wish they'd give some basic information (like, say, the key the song is in, so I have a good idea how to position my hand before the expected major 5th interval comes flying in. Once I can read individual keys at speed I'll try to level up....) Anyway, I played the Keytar for about an hour or two (including some tutorials) then switched to guitar to let the kids play a few songs (and rest). The octave shifting isn't horrible, but until I mentally can associate the color band with a note it will be tough. It's also surprisingly difficult for me to see the difference between the black keys (sharps/flats) and white, but I'm getting better.

Some nice things -- nice to see that people can jump in and out during a set, and that the campaign mode won't force you to play the opening songs every time. Haven't really tried it out much though. I wish you could import your avatars/bands from RB2. (I need to pony up and export my RB2 songs, as well).



At 10:39 AM, October 29, 2010, Blogger seanp said...

Regular keys are decently fun to play, but really easy -- without much practice at all I can get 90%+ on expert on everything up to five star songs. Pro keys still blow my mind -- I don't have any piano experience, so my fingers don't know how to make these patterns yet, and my brain thinks all the notes are in a different place than they are.

I haven't tried out the drums yet - I've got to get the new cymbals for pro drums, but might wait on that. I still can't get my bass-drum-foot to work correctly when drumming.

On related note - our puppy chewed through the cord of my corded guitar - I'm going to try and repair it, but might just need to spring for another guitar - anyone know of any deals on them?

At 8:18 PM, October 29, 2010, Blogger Ben said...

Hey, the new Blood Bowl PC is out. 20 races this time, with apparently better gameplay and the ability to set up private leagues. Its in my cart, but I haven't pushed the button.

Okay... sorry for the interruption.

At 9:22 AM, October 30, 2010, Blogger Brian said...

Several of my coworkers play in a PC blood bowl league, and at least one of them has got the new game...

Another nice RB3 feature. If you fail out, you can just continue playing the rest of the song (without a score). Or if a controller disconnects/game is paused, it backs up a few seconds so you can see the notes coming when you restart.

At 9:52 AM, October 31, 2010, Blogger Rob said...

Totally enjoying those sublte improvements

At 12:46 PM, November 01, 2010, Blogger Rob said...

I've been doing some of the training stuff, and a lot of the lessons in there are actually also in an instructional video I've been watching to learn to play the drums. Nice.


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