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The 26 game challenge

I was thinking recently about the SABG Top 20 list and how fun it is to see how your ranking of certain games differs from that of your friends. Well, the SABG Top 20 of 2009 is still about six months away. But I came across something on BGG (I suspect most everyone else here has seen it as well) that kind of scratches the same itch. A kind of tide-me-over thing until the 2009 list gets compiled:

Derk's Decree - Cutting Your Collection to 26 Games

For those that have not seen it, it's games ordered by BGG ranking and then split into groups of 10. The challenge--keep only one from each group. #26 is any game ranked 251 or lower.

So, I picked mine and thought it would be fun if a few other people posted theirs. I sure would like to see them and I thought others might as well. I can guess a few of the choices from certain other SABGers already. I'll put mine in the comments--others can feel free to chime in as well, especially if anyone wants to comment about particularly tough choices.

(Yeah, it's a bit of work to actually vote in all the polls then pull your votes into a post in the comments section, and this may end up being one of those "Where did everyone go?" posts, but, hey, it's an excuse to talk about games for a moment with people we know. So I'll put myself out here with this post and see what happens. Besides, this is a long way for me to come since being too unsure of myself to even vote in the SABG Top 20 of 2007.)


At 10:21 PM, January 14, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

(I'm not going to bother listing 1-10, 11-20, and so on. Just 1, 2, 3, 4, and so forth.)

1 Race for the Galaxy
2 Commands and Colors: Ancients
3 Twilight Imperium 3rd Ed
4 Tichu
5 Memoir '44
6 Arkham Horror
7 Pillars of the Earth
8 Traders of Genoa
9 Europe Engulfed
10 Fury of Dracula
11 Time's Up!
12 Lost Cities
13 PitchCar
14 Neuroshima Hex!
15 Nexus Ops
16 Tribune: Primus Inter Pares
17 Alhambra
18 Zooloretto
19 Werewolves of Miller's Hollow
20 Glory to Rome
21 Colossal Arena
22 Crusader Rex
23 Bang! The Bullet
24 Ubongo
25 Ambush!
26 World of Warcraft: The Boardgame

The only really hard choice was to leave off Combat Commander: Europe in favor of TI3. I have enough military games here, though, and I like TI3's grand scope and multiplayer interaction better.

I never get tired of Race for the Galaxy. Well, mostly. But it has great replay value, it's quick, and I like the mechanic, and those put it over the top for me over Agricola, El Grande, and Through the Ages.

I haven't played Ubongo, but I think of the ones in that group (again, we're getting pretty far down the list here), it's the one I think I'd like to try first.

#26 was almost Doom: The Boardgame, and I think it's probably more fun than WoW, but, as with TI3, I like the size and variety of WoW a bit more.

At 10:28 PM, January 14, 2009, Blogger Dennis Ugolini said...

Here's my list:

Tigris & Euphrates
Commands & Colors: Ancients
Modern Art
Blood Bowl: Living Rulebook
Space Hulk
Napoleon's Triumph
Fury of Dracula
Lost Cities
Britannia (*)
Rommel in the Desert
History of the World
Glory to Rome
Colossal Arena
Aladdin's Dragons
Richochet Robots
and for #26, De Bellis Antiquitatis (since I'm on a painting kick again)

I could live with that. Though I listed several games I've never played (C&C Ancients, Napoleon's Triumph, Britannia, Showmanager (though I like Atlantic Star)) and one I don't particularly like (Glory to Rome) because I didn't like anything else in the grouping.

If I had to pick one grouping to live with, it would be #4: Conflict of Heroes, BSG, Tichu, Crokinole, Settlers, Hammer of the Scots...yeah, I'll make do.

Other games that barely missed the cut:
Race for the Galaxy (vs. T&E)
Samurai (vs. Modern Art)
Medici (vs. Pitchcar)
Wings of War (vs. Pitchcar)
Bohnanza (vs. Bridge)
Chinatown (vs. Rommel)

At 10:56 PM, January 14, 2009, Blogger Tiffany said...

1. Agricola
2. Princes of Florence
3. Ra
4. Le Havre
5. Samurai
6. Notre Dame
7. Mr. Jack
8. Tikal
9. Thebes
10. Saint Petersburg
11. Torres
12. Lost Cities
13. Santiago
14. Bohnanza
15. Keythedral
16. Tribune
17. Alhambra
18. Arkadia
19. Hey! Thats my Fish!
20. Blue Moon
21. No Thanks!
22. Java
23. Medina (though Mexica was the close other choice....)
26. Landlord

At 7:29 AM, January 15, 2009, Blogger Brian said...

1. Race
2. Age of Steam
3. Go
4. BSG
5. Ticket to Ride
6. Up Front
7. Ticket to Ride Marklin
8. LotR:The Confrontation
9. 1830
10. Citadels (Indonesia is tempting)
11. Time's Up!
12. Web of Power
13. Pitch Car
14. Bridge, duh
15. Caylus Magna Carta
16. Cosmic
17. Ursuppe
18. Scepter of Zavandor (although 1856 might have won if I hadn't already picked 1830).
19. Wits & Wagers
20. Glory to Rome
21. Colossal Arena
22. Chess
23. Cosmic (Again!)
24. Stephenson's Rocket
25. Roma.
26. Shadowfist

Seeing Cosmic and 18xx, I should probably switch #9 ... but nothing there really lights my fire. If I had known I'd get cosmic later, I'd switch #16 for Chicago Express.

Many of these groupings are pretty weak tea, as evinced by the games I chose. Like Dennis, if I had to pick a single set I'd probably take the 4th.

At 11:31 AM, January 15, 2009, Blogger Michael said...

I didn't compile a full list. There were some categories I abstained from on the grounds that I actively disliked the games I actually knew from them.

Plus you guys can almost certainly guess the majority of my choices. I bet you can even figure out 26.

At 12:10 PM, January 15, 2009, Blogger Jonathan W. said...

Here is my list:

1 Race for the Galaxy
2 War of the Ring
3 Combat Commander: Europe
4 Crokinole
5 Ticket to Ride
6 Here I Stand
7 Ticket to Ride: Marklin
8 Space Hulk
9 Napoleon's Triumph
10 Citadels
11 RoboRally
12 Louis XIV
13 PitchCar
14 Bohnanza
15 Bonaparte at Marengo
16 Cosmic Encounter
17 Primordial Soup
18 Scepter of Zavandor
19 History of the World
20 Glory to Rome
21 Werewolf
22 Crusader Rex
23 Loopin' Louie
24 For the People
25 Ricochet Robots
26 Doom: The Boardgame

At 7:41 PM, January 15, 2009, Blogger scott said...

And now for something completely different:
1 Power Grid
2 Hannibal (WOTR close)
3 1960
5 Dune
6 Up Front (Acquire very close)
7 Civilization
8 Tikal (have not played much here)
9 Thebes
10 Yspahan
11 Republic of Rome
12 Vinci
13 medici
14 magic (bridge very close)
15 britannia (have not seen lately)
16 Cosmic Encounter (WTP close)
17 China (not much played here)
18 Diplomacy (Formula De hon. ment)
19 History of the World
20 Blue Moon
21 Titan (LoTR honorable mention)
22 Cosmic encounter (Settlers card)
23 starship cataan
24 evo (no play?)
25 stephensons rocket (no play)
26 Kremlin (Cash N Guns and Attack Sub honorable mention; the latter being very difficult to find these days)

At 11:39 PM, January 15, 2009, Blogger Schifani said...

My 26 is DBA also.

I can gold star Debaser on a good day, and I am getting much better at Master Exploder. Watching the video on Youtube from the movie inspired me.

"Me and KG wrote this song 5 minutes ago...

At 11:57 PM, January 15, 2009, Blogger Ben said...

1. Tigris and Euphrates
2. War of the Ring
3. Combat Commander: Europe
4. Battlestar Galactica
5. Memoir '44
6. Arkham Horror
7. TTR: Marklin
8. LotR: Confrontation
9. 1830
10. Citadels
11. Shadows over Camelot
12. Vinci
13. Heroscape
14. Wilderness War
15. Star Wars: Queens Gambit
16. Cosmic Encounter
17. Coloretto
18. Zooloretto
19. Downfall of Pompeii
20. Glory to Rome
21. Colossal Arena
22. Perikles
23. Bang! The Bullet
24. For the People
25. Ambush!
26. World of Warcraft: The Boardgame

At 11:59 PM, January 15, 2009, Blogger Ben said...

Wow... #3 was a tough choice between CC:E and TI:3. I went with CC:E due to real life playability.


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