Thursday, June 12, 2008

Leftorium Roster

For SABBL eyes only -- everybody else scroll down and read Ben's session report.

Scott mentioned that I never posted my roster, so I'm putting it below:

Starting Lineup:
Jason Varitek (c)
Todd Helton (1b)
Chase Utley (2b)
Jose Reyes (ss)
Aramis Ramirez (3b)
Eric Byrnes (lf)
Randy Winn (cf)
Nick Markakis (rf)
Travis Hafner (dh)

Jeremy Hermida (rf)
Aubrey Huff (1b/3b)
Kelly Johnson (2b)
Kenny Lofton (lf/cf)
Miguel Olivo (c)
Miguel Tejada (ss)

Starting Pitchers:
John Lackey
C.C. Sabathia
Kelvim Escobar
Oliver Perez
Orlando Hernandez

Relief Pitchers:
Manny Delcarmen
Lee Gardner
Brad Hennessey
Ryan Madson
Darren Oliver



At 9:54 AM, June 15, 2008, Blogger Brian said...

Some factoids after 21 games:

Moises Alou sat out 5 games in a row. But he's .389/.411/.648.

Matt Holliday? .190/.266/.429 He's also "Most likely to be walking back to the dugout" whiffing 24 times in 94 PAs. Way to go Mr. #1 pick.

Tim Lincecum has started 4 games, with 4 losses, an ERA of 9.4, and a WHIP of 2.05. All this while managing a K/9 rate of 9.4. Only one starting pitcher has two wins (Matt Cain, 3-1). Two of my pitchers are 1-0, Westbrook, who I traded for McGowan.

My team is finally starting to get the good gloves I drafted. My last series against Chris had no errors, and I almost pulled that off against Sean. I have 11 errors in 21 games.


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