Friday, August 25, 2006

What? I'm not going first in my league? That's messed up.

Does anyone else want to do a fantasy football league for pride (aka fun)? From my experience with the trivia games around here I think I'm probably a bigger sports nut than most around here but I just wanted to feel things out just in case.



At 11:42 PM, August 25, 2006, Blogger Dennis Ugolini said...

There was a BGG post about fantasy football -- three nonstandard games that everyone could play together, rather than the usual draft-a-team style.

I'd be into it, but I have a main league that draws most of my attention (our draft is this Saturday morning).

At 10:32 AM, August 26, 2006, Blogger Ben said...

Michael: I'm in! Just send me the details. I'm very happy football season is back upon us. Go Irish!

Kendahl: I know you were interested in setting something up like this too... are you still out there?

At 1:38 PM, August 26, 2006, Blogger Kendahl said...

I am here...I am actually trying to get a league going at behest of my sister (of all people). She has never played and wants to learn how. Knowing her personality, I think she will probably win it all in her first year. She's very driven...

At any rate, if you want to play it's a Yahoo league. Right now there's only a few of us, but with Michael and Ben and a few other siblings, I think we could have a league. It's an autodraft league...

League ID: 468242
Password: 12345

Please sign up so my sister can quit calling me every other day to see if I found more players.

At 2:29 PM, August 26, 2006, Blogger Ben said...

Kendahl: I just joined your league. Hopefully my team will perform like my Fantasy Baseball team did this year!


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