Saturday, February 04, 2006

Post Groundhog Gaming

Jeff, Amy and Simon joined Jacqui and I for the traditional groundhog day celebration. First up was Power Grid. I took the '4' power plant in the first round. The '4' is nice because you buy resources first and (barring the '3' showing up), you get to go last on the 2nd turn as well, when good things can happen. Good things indeed happened as Jacqui and I bid up the '16' plant (two oil for three cities) but I passed at 20 bid, figuring that I had a good shot at the '27' dropping down. [The 27 powers three cities for free]. When it did, I was doing well. In fact, the game should have been mine, if not for the hypnotic powers of Dora the Explorer. (Well, I'm blaming her). Towards the end of the game, I misjudged and stocked up on too much coal, which cost me the game when Jacqui could build out that turn. Just goes to show you -- don't buy too many resources.

Next up was Puerto Rico, and it was close. I won with 42 points, but the lowest score was 36. [And that was only Simon's second game]. Like many 5 player games of Puerto Rico, it could have gone a few different ways. [I wouldn't have won if the game went one turn longer or shorter. I earned more points than Jeff on the Final turn, but if it had gone another turn, he could have manned the guild hall.]

Next up -- Fearsome Floors. I got everyone past the monster and two guys out during the first day. I often see 'first day' victories, but Amy said she hadn't. At some point we'll have to try the double monster variant. [Amy was one space away from getting two people out the same turn I did.]

Fearsome Floors reminded Jacqui of Ricochet Robots, so we finished off with that. Robots without breaks slamming into walls and each other. What's not to like?


At 11:29 PM, February 04, 2006, Blogger Rob said...

Too much gaming goodness.

Power Grid...have only played once and loved it. High on my wishlist.

PR.. darn it, I missed it again (I got late to the previous session at Jeff's some time ago).

Fearsome floors... it seems like it's a hoot. Been trying to take it for a spin for a while, but I can't make it to game nights when it does hit the table.

Ricochet... sounds like Robo Rally. Gotta try it someday.

At 12:54 AM, February 05, 2006, Blogger Simon said...

We started out with mostly heavy Euros and worked our way down throughout the night. First up was Power Grid. I got second and was satisfied with my performance and decision making. Then again, I felt the same way the first time, too. So I guess there’s a pretty steady learning curve to follow.

Next, we launched up a game of Puerto Rico. My score was actually 32...I started strong but fizzled out quickly. I have no qualms with my major suckage at the game. I just don't get it on some level.

Fearsome Floors made me happy with my choice to add it to my latest order. The first day escape was a bit of a downer, but I'm skeptical of how often this can occur. I’ll have to get in my fill as soon as my purchase gets in (if ever).

We finished up and rounded out the session with Ricochet Robot. The game shares similarity to Robo Rally only in regard to the "robot" aspect. The game is more of a puzzler, brain-burner that pits all the players against each other on how efficiently and quickly they can solve a randomized scenario. It was a two way tie for first and a three way tie for last. Sadly I was in the lower bracket.

There also seemed to be a mix-up on the calendar that caused me to show up WAY too early. I think we need to watch our entries so as not to cause any more fubars. I ended up just leaving and coming back later so all was well.

Anyway, thanks Brian and Jacqui for hosting. Next time I'll do my best to try and ignore the fuchsia orgy that is "My Little Pony" on DVD. No promises though…

At 1:26 PM, February 05, 2006, Blogger Michael said...

I'm sorry about missing out on that session. I can't wait to try Power Grid and Puerto Rico is one of my favorite games.


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